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Fallout3kills -Newcomer-

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Hey! It's Fallout...

I'm going to go straight to the point...



I'm a World of Tanks player looking for a serious clan with serious fun-to-play with clan members.

I spend most of my time playing World of Tanks and dedicating small amounts of money to help me through my grinds.

I'm looking to improve my World of Tanks skills/experience and find a clan that participates almost everyday in Clan Wars.



I've been through a variety of clans... 4 of them shaped my performance and shown me how to master certain tank lines.

v v v

_LMF_: This was the golden age clan for me. i learned how to use the majority of my tanks correctly and learned commands, tactics/strategy's, and Clan War experience. This clan is the reason why I'm really good in French Heavies, and Medium Tanks in General. I would of stayed in this clan forever, but it was disbanded last summer.


BLZTI: This was a none-serious clan that did not attend Clan Wars, which was the reason why I left this clan. I did however learn how to use Light Tanks in general do to 24/7 platoons.


JANUS: This was another none-serious clan that did not attend Clan Wars, this was also why I left this clan. A few of their members showed me the ways of playing the Chinese Medium and Heavy tanks line. This is why I succeed when playing the majority of my "no depression" tanks on the battlefield.


WARMG: This is a serious, well-known, well-respected clan that participates in Clan Wars nearly everyday of the week and trains almost everyday of the week. I've never trained as much over strategy's in any clan before. The downfall to me leaving this clan was because of the lack of effort and support in most of the Clan Members. There are times when literally nobody listens to the Commanding Officers in Clan Wars, which leads to our own defeat. However, this is how I learned how to create strategy's using Map Tactic.

I've already sent an application on the Sturmgrenadier.org site and had it accepted, so I'm looking forward for the interview picard.gif.


My WoT: Fallout3kills

Interest in Joining: SGHQ

My @mail: jzkezzrully@gmail.com

My YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.c...ser/jzkezzrully


My latest WoT YouTube Video:

v v v

Start the video at 1:43 for the actual part/meaning of the video.



I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.

-Alexander the Great-

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Jern    129

Good luck with your interview! Thanks for posting and saying hello!

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