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S! Wiesel

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8 years ago today we lost one of our own. I know it has been an eternity as far as online gaming, but I know there are still some of hanging around here that remember the fun times we had in the first four years of SG. Every year, I usually make a post here to salute him. Last year, I had broken my leg and missed it. However, his son did show up here (CelticBZH). How many of you are still playing WWIIOL? I still play a little bit. It would be fun to get his son in and play a little. Here are a few things that I have always saved:




Here is a link to some of his Gulf War pictures



And here are a few other pics I saved of him playing or talking in text chat. I thought they would be interesting to his son.


















Here is a link back in time of our roster. I need to fix the plane graphics, but here it is with broken gifs.



Lastly, here are a few well written words that Spoon posted after his death.



Today marks a sad day for SG members as we all mourn the loss of fellow gamer, friend, brother and husband; William "Wiesel" Coker.


Wiesel passed away last night in his sleep as he was struggling with pneumonia. Wiesel had been fighting brain cancer for the last couple of years and finally, at age 34, his pain is now over.


A true veteran and war hero, William Coker not only served his country but was also awarded the highest medal of honor, the purple heart for his services.


He joined Sturmgrenadier in April of 2000 with the launch of World War II Online and was the epitome of the perfect member. As I write this, tears form and I can only think back at the great times we had together multi-crewing a Panzer III.


Wiesel will be missed a great deal and every year, on March 13th, Sturmgrenadier will honor his passing with a moment of silence.


Our thoughts and prayers to his family,


Love always,





S! Wiesel! We miss you bud!

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I cannot pm his son, CelticBZH nor reply to his messages in my inbox, so it would be great if any of you that have the ability to message him could point him to this thread.



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Time flies.... I recalled playing with Wiesel briefly when I first joined SG as he was sick even then.


Thanks for the yearly reminder ThunderA.


S! Wiesel, and all who have passed on to fiddler's green with him.

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Yeah. I guess its that time again , huh...


There was even a memorial to him in SWG as well.


Wiesel was a gulf vet, and If I recall - his tank was hit or he pulled someone from another burning tank... At least I think that was how it happened...


Either way, another year passes.

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Hard to believe it was that long ago.


He is missed.



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