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Hi SG, just thought Id throw out a little intro in case I dont get to play as much as id like to, giving you the chance to get to know me.

My Black Desert family name is Cardoc, and I usually go by that handle though as sometimes as Harvowal as well. I havent played for a year or so, and am just getting back into it seeing if I can casual it out. Those life skills tho haha....

I've been rocking online gaming since my early teens in Ultima Online in the late 90's, and have played many since. DAoC, Vanguard, WoW, Everquest, Warhammer Online, etc

Im signed up for Crowfall, Camelot Unchained, and have been following Star Citizen since its crowdfunding campaign. I dip into BF1 from time to time for a few hours at night with a couple of my brothers and another cousin.

I wish I could contribute more time to gaming, but the real estate market in Toronto (Canada) keeps me pretty busy at unpredictable hours.

Should any of trumps policies worry you, a move to Toronto is always a good one :P

I am still looking for that unicorn of a woman who looks like Chrissy Teigen but has the gaming skills of a Korean teenager raised on the mean streets of LoL. (But definitely not the other way around) Sooo you know, shout outs appreciated.


Now, as we say up here in Canada;

Peace OOOT




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Welcome to our group. I've heard a lot of good things about Toronto. Rob Ford really put the place on the map for me.

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Welcome aboard my friend!

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