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  1. meliorate

    Popping in, front page?

    Finding time to punch in some new news articles would be a good thing, I think. Just a matter of allocating the time from our gaming! We are definitely still gaming hard even if the website doesn't get frequent updates.
  2. meliorate

    Expired Forum Security Certificate

    Yes, yes it is.
  3. meliorate

    Best Steam Game Ever! Spermination

    I actually bought Shower With Your Dad for a buddy, and bought it for myself. Surprisingly non-terrible game!
  4. meliorate

    How do you take your coffee?

    Vicariously--I watch others consume coffee. I've never consumed it.
  5. meliorate

    Bonus Codes

    So a question for you WoWS folks! I might be interested in playing this game "eventually" (maybe not this month, possibly not even this year.) Is there a compelling reason for me to try and create an account with one of these codes ASAP? Is there any benefit to me simply having the account? The reason I ask is back in the earlier days (up until earlier this year) of Planetside 2 there was an actual reason to have an account and a created character. Just logging in each day claimed certs, which were in-game currency used to purchase upgrades for vehicles. You had to log in at least once every 24 hours, because after that you couldn't buffer/accrue anymore "passive certs". Is there any similar system in WoWS? Or a "play at least once/day to receive a bonus" kind of deal?
  6. meliorate

    Return to EvE

    Our PvP schedule is so much less complicated than this now. We primarily hunt high-value targets, so on the days we are on the hunt we're usually sitting for anywhere from 15-45 minutes waiting for a high-value target to be located, after which we jump it and run to cloak afterwards. It's hugely satisfying to take down a Carrier in less than 10 minutes while other Carriers are trying to help it stay alive. We have several directions you can go that will benefit the corp while giving you plenty of fun things to do in-game. Hit us up in TS if you're interested in chatting about old times, or want to learn about the good times to come!
  7. meliorate

    Return to EvE

    Well SG is definitely staying around. Dirt Nap Squad. is the alliance we're a part of, and DNS will field a group of 10-25 most evenings. We're pretty heavy in to Black Ops (BLOPS) strikes, so the easiest way to get involved with SG is to train in to a Stealth Bomber (from a brand new character it can be done in about 4 weeks, including basic torpedo skills and cloaking.) I personally give stealth bombers to new pilots who join and can pilot them, so if you do join and you are short on funds I don't mind donating a few, and folks in DNS will also donate stealth bombers if you're short when it's time to organize for the evening. Purge runs the weekly ratting (PvE) ops each week. We're in transition on the day/time so we've been running them a bit more frequently to gauge interest. This past Saturday we were ratting level 4 Angel missions, which was kinda' fun in my Drake. Plus Purge over-committed to a spawn and got himself webbed and killed in his VNI, LOL. EVE is all about making your own fun, but having a good group definitely helps with that!
  8. meliorate

    Looking to try Planetside 2

    We usually have a Thursday and/or Friday night op. I'm pretty confident the guys will be hopping in again tonight. Look SG up on the NC side of things on Emerald, if there's room we're usually open to taking former members along for the ride. If you have to just toss a few messages around with the in-game chat to try and find an SG member if you can't figure out an easier method of contacting folks.
  9. meliorate

    Centurylink Price Gouging

    I don't pretend to have the popular opinion on forums, LOL. ISPs are notoriously hard to work around--no competition means they dictate the rules. This is why certain cities have started building their own fiber infrastructure, and conversely why ISPs have started suing cities for attempting to do so. It's been shown repeatedly that ISPs that have no competition will upgrade the bare minimum necessary to keep the service running while gouging their customers due to lack of competition. Where internet service is concerned there's only two real games in town: fiber and cable. DSL is a joke--phone lines just can't do what cable/fiber can do, so DSL is being phased out by major telecoms in favor of fiber, at least here in Illinois that's how it's going. The issue is that cable doesn't really feel that fiber is competitive due to the price, so in the end there's still very little choice coupled with few emerging technologies. One of the executives at my company uses a cellular plan from Verizon as his home internet access. It costs something stupid because he pays for the first 10GB, then every GB after that is a flat rate (like $5), so he ends up dropping $300+/month for internet access for him, the wife and their 2 kids. His exact words: "The boy [his son] goes off to college next year, it's gonna' save us a fortune vs. him playing Call of Duty every night." That's pretty rough when in-state college tuition is cheaper than the bandwidth your son uses monthly. :P I do like the idea mentioned above regarding banding together with neighbors. I had a buddy do this a few years back with Comcast in my area--Comcast offered to split the bill with him if he'd sign up to a 3-year contract. The total cost to run a line about 1/4 mile to his house was around $7000, if I remember right, so he had to drop $3500 and sign the 3-year contract for a triple play package costing $99/month (cost couldn't go up, per contract.) In the end he was happy, but that initial $3500 cost wasn't easy to swallow. Getting a few folks in might mitigate the bulk of that cost, or erase it entirely if all of you agree to contracts...? One can only hope!
  10. meliorate

    Centurylink Price Gouging

    As much as I hate to say it, this sounds like an error on your part, not theirs. Their pricing blows and I totally understand that, but if solid internet access was one of your "must have's" for the place you moved in to then it sounds like you sacrificed that to get *whatever else you liked about your current place*. First, you can always file a complaint with the FTC. It probably won't go anywhere, but if you can document that thunderstorms consistently drop your phone service that might be a big red flag for the FTC, since not having access to your phone in an emergency is usually a big issue with them. I know a few folks have written strongly-worded letters to the FTC and various companies, so maybe one of those folks will tell you the best way to contact them with your concern. Next, you may want to consider moving. What is more important, the location you are in or solid internet access? When looking for a new place prioritize solid internet access. Pretty much any reason you can give for why you are living where you are right now is an excuse if internet access is your top priority. The "reasons" always sound the same: "but I inherited this place", "but it is in a great school district", "but this place has lots of open land so my kids can play", "but the taxes here are so much lower". The second you prioritize internet access first all of these things become excuses--either that or you aren't prioritizing internet access (nothing wrong with that) and you have to live with the choice. Sorry to be so gloomy on the issue, but I've seen several news articles and TV news spotlights regarding these kinds of issues. It really is a personal decision--if you want great internet access be prepared to move to a location that has it, otherwise the current political and economic landscape of the U.S. doesn't lend itself well to competition, so you're gonna' get whatever you can get and there's little recourse beyond moving to a spot where fast internet access is available.