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aldman last won the day on December 14 2017

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  1. aldman

    CDAT1AD is dead.

    CDAT, you jerk, that title gave me a lot of sads until I clicked through!
  2. You have my condolences, Kurt. She looks and sounds like such a lovely pup. Stay strong, buddy.
  3. aldman


    Still here! Though sometimes I feel like a museum piece, lol
  4. aldman


    Haha, same as me! Only a few more years and I will have been an SG member half my life.
  5. aldman


    A bunch of us have bought the SQUAD starter pack and I believe that SG is going to have it's own server for that game.
  6. aldman


    A few of us play H&G, but it's certainly no WWIIOL. As for Witcher 3, a LOT of us play that :D
  7. aldman

    Wiesel's Birthday

  8. aldman

    Wanting to return

    Bane, I think all you need to do is pay your membership dues and join the fight! - Aldman
  9. aldman


    Hey Dembones! The plan is to have a portal for H1Z1 when it comes out. :D
  10. aldman

    You guys still around? ;)

    Hey Mandrik!
  11. aldman


    Hey Kobb, looking forward to seeing you come back in the future!
  12. aldman

    an old school howdy from kuzushi and thumper

    PS2 is here if you ever feel like coming back :D
  13. aldman

    HeavensPride and Namatheros application

    *waves* Hello! Last night's fighting was awesome; I'm glad to see you're applying!
  14. aldman

    SG Planetside 2 Friday Night Ops

    Major Friday Night Ops shenanigans with Luperza from Sony! Install PS2 and get online for some epic battles!