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  1. sampo

    Star Citizen starting locations

    Hope to see you back in the fold when we go active in this game. Just a few quick thoughts in reply to this. 1) SG is always about the good fights, whether it's NPC's or PCs, we will be where there is action but also where we can operate effectively. 2) Like #1, in any game SG has done that has the option, we always have a vital and important crafting component. From group gathering nights to organized supply chains. We set up where we can get what we need to be effective. 3) This is something we've poked at in theory craft, but since there is so little info at the moment we've stuck mainly with the urge to find something to make 'ours' and turn into something that others are jealous of. SG is part of an Alliance, there are great things in store for us beyond the awesome game we hope this will be. Still it's so early into what 'could be' over discussing it often ends up in tail chasing. As we get closer and closer to alpha/beta time and an idea of what kind of depth will we have to work with we can put our mature organizational advantages to use.
  2. sampo

    Strange Cell Phone issue

    My kindle had a similar problem until the release of the new 4.8 kindleOS. One of the specific things cited was reducing the constant checking for WiFi and looking for email and other things (being a kindle it also needs to check amazon five billion times to try and sell me things). Running with that idea and searching came up with a lot of issues with the 3G checking constantly for networks. I'm not a big person on 4.0.4 but it seems to be fairly old? most of the threads "4.0.4 battery life, 4.0.4 battery over use." etc... are 2012. The forum posts are fairly split between people saying it helped and that it made it worse. This link to about is on how to update your phone's OS. This link seems to be the manual for the phone This seems to be a nine step way to update to 4.4 kitkat. Hopefully those links help, and I'm sure someone with more knowledge can chime in.
  3. sampo

    Tabletop Simulator

    Ooh Shadowrun.
  4. Okay everyone. Had to close the registration today. (they dont give you very much damn time). I doubt that we made it in time. They are taking 64 teams and 143 teams had already registered. But, if we don't know before tonight I would still like to practice. It will be at 6:30 PM est tonight.