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  1. pipkinobi

    Life of a Cyno Alt - Eve Online

    Life of a Cyno Alt “Phht”, scoffed the bald technician. “I see your types in here all the time.” Scanning the flip pad and ignoring the question, Salty Onion, reviewed the ship load out and cargo manifest in preparation for the next assignment. Satisfied all was in order, he looked up from the pad to stare at the technician. After a brief moment, Salty handed the pad back to the technician. “Just make sure you get the right amount of liquid ozone loaded into the cargo bay. There is enough in my hanger to get this done. The last time you almost jacked my assignment by not reloading my cargo bay,” says Salty to the technician. Not bothering to continue the conversation, Salty spun around and walked out of the maintenance office. Pausing briefly and checking his comm display to see if there were any new messages for his next assignment. Seeing no updates, Salty continued down the stairs and heading down the access corridor to the station’s recreational hall. As if you can even call it a recreational hall. Such is the nature of these outposts. The accommodations are nothing like those seen in empire space. Generally, this is due to the change in station ownership every few weeks. Usually all that is done is slap up on a fresh coat of paint on the wall just enough to cover up the last owner’s logo. After getting his drink Salty moved over to a table near a holo comms display. As usual there are the basic updates from around the universe provided by The Scope. The latest update was something about Blood Raider attacks against shipping convoys. Of vague interest Salty’s eyes just seem to stare through the display lost in thought. “Join up for an exciting adventure. See the universe.”, muttered Salty. “I hope the bosses realize the vital piece of work I do for them.” Finishing his drink Salty decides it is time to log off for the night and heads back to his bunk. Once last look at the comm pad and still nothing. Just when is seems like his head hit the pillow, there was a beeping sound coming the comm pad. Wearily, looking at the pad, there is only a short phrase of “grazing herd.” The code word used to get moving as you need to at your place ready to go in 30 minutes when the message was received. Getting up and acknowledging the message, Salty gets out of bed, puts on his flight suit and heads down to the hanger. Taking a moment for one last check of equipment the time has come to get into the pilot capsule. Within moments the capsule systems come online and begins the process of integration of the pilot to the system. Finally, the capsule is loaded into his ship called “Pony Post 419”. System activation is complete and all systems are ready. A message comm to access the fleet channel is added to the display panel. Salty responds that all is ready at his end. Completing a final system’s check before receiving any kind of response. “Hey, Salty, all clear on your end?”, asks the jump freighter pilot. “No hostiles seen in system. All indications there is little activity in the surrounding systems” “Ok, good buddy. We should be ready to go in a couple of minutes.” “Ready to go” After a few minutes, the word comes across to undock from the station and get into position. “Undocking from station”, announces Salty. Hitting the undock, the station systems respond with acknowledgement and begins the undocking procedures. The ship passes through the hanger barrier and out into space. Undocking can be a bit of a trying experience if there are hostiles in the system. There would be no indication they are sitting right outside the station to greet you. Overhead displays indicate the ship is at an optimal position for firing up the Cynosural Field. At the moment of punching the button the ship comes to a complete stop. The field generator thrums to life and activating the beacon. “Cyno is up”, says Salty over the fleet comms. “System is still clear.” “Ok, standby.” Few moments later, Salty gets work over the comms. “Jumping.” Within a second the space rips open and a large Anshar class jump freighter appears nearby. The pilot of the jump freighter docks the ship into the station after successfully completing his jump. Seeing the pilot is docked up, Salty, checks his readouts and sees he has about 10 minutes remaining until the cyno’s cycle is complete. “Now, I get to just sit out here with my ass hanging in the breeze. Such the excitement. Of course, I forgot to grab a magazine to read.”o read.”
  2. pipkinobi

    Expired Forum Security Certificate

    -----BEGIN INFOENCRYPT.COM MESSAGE----- Encryption-Info: AES-128,CBC,PKCS5 Padding Key-Info: MD5,PBKDF2 HmacSHA1 Decrypt-URL: https://www.infoencrypt.com Wpeo2pEPgLsPxPEf6cHGQ/mwz7nwBbqltRE0A5ANhj1oS2lm1vqkEHZutX81YYBWaeAVs4tH1Ua5 8gzdAeNBbw== -----END INFOENCRYPT.COM MESSAGE----- password: sg
  3. pipkinobi

    Return to EvE

    Just made it past 26 million skill points and having fun blowing up stuff in my Rattlesnake. o/