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  1. scanda


    i was edited...sorry OJ I didn't mean to offend you but I do hope you are finally past the gender identity confusion you were going through.
  2. scanda


    What's up
  3. scanda

    Question to all the marines

    Do what interests you or you will have a long first and only enlistment. 20 years ain't shit and you can retire, consider making it a career. After 20 years you are still young enough to be what you wanna be when you grow up. Do not marry your childhood sweetheart while in, just stay single. Do not marry a fellow Marine while in, just stay single. Do not spend your whole paycheck once you get paid. Do not buy a fancy car if you get a bonus going in or with your first paycheck. Do not hang out with the negative peeps that regret joining after day 1 and throughout their enlistment. Do not be "that guy" who kisses (any rank above yours) asses. Do not get that tattoo off base that you will regret when you have grand kids or seek a civilian career. Put maximum effort into the job you choose and life will be good.
  4. scanda

    Hi BFF! xoxoxo

  5. scanda

    S! Wiesel

    S! Weisel. He and his brother Poboy are good people.
  6. scanda


    Does anyone have or know where to look for SG ww2online video's, pre-HC existence. Looking for the massive tank collumns we used to roll into towns. Thanks and Hello ww2 oldskool sg guys. :D -scanda