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  1. fligg


    Well Remastered basically is the original game as I understand it - both SC and Broodwar together in HD for $15. So you don't need to have the original to buy it. Broodwar is my fav RTS but I still like SC2 a lot so I'll send you a PM.
  2. fligg


    Anyone play any Starcraft II or Starcraft: Broodwar? Blizzard just remastered Broodwar and I've been playing a bit of it lately, but also SC II. I play lots of 1v1 but would also be willing to do 2v2 and 3v3 stuff. Not really into a lot of custom games or Moba play, though once in a while they're fun. Any takers??
  3. fligg

    Application - Fligg

    Ahhh - thanks man. Missed that since I didn't check my email 'till at least a few days after the fact. I'll be stopping by the TS channel sometime over the next few days.
  4. fligg

    Application - Fligg

    Hey guys, sent in an application about a week ago so here goes the introduction.. I tried out for SG back in the original Planetside but towards the middle of my trial period I got sideswiped by RL issues and had to drop PS altogether for a while. I came to SG then because I had been part of a Vanu outfit that had faced off against you guys from time to time and I was wowed by your skill. The outfit I'm referring to begun strong but eventually started to lose structure and organization, and from there just kept treading water. When PS2 came along, I decided to start gaming a bit again and to give them another shot, especially after seeing a lot of enthusiasm from them, but eventually the same thing started to happen. I remember how awesome it was to play with SG for those few weeks in PS and how you guys really lived up to your rep. That's why this is the first place I came when I began looking for new people to play with. Hoping I can become a permanent addition <Crosses fingers and toes>. A lil about me: I'm from NY and live in Albany where I work PT and work on the tail end of my master's degree. When I'm not gaming and don't have any obligations, I'm trying to learn guitar. In game I like to play infantry and drive the ol' bangbus. I'm also a huge MAX fan, but I need to work on more certs for that. I also like to do recon, as I feel its a very under-utilized portion of the game. Anyways, seeyaz. Fligg