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  1. humblebrag

    Post your pet peeve

    Whistling. The only whistling that didn't drive me insane was probably in Kill Bill.
  2. humblebrag

    Application - Humblebrag

    Excellent, I'm not sure how many people will get the time to play this weekend, but I should be on quite a bit.
  3. humblebrag

    Application - Humblebrag

    Hello, I've submitted my application and thought i'd let people know what I'm about. I'm really interested in being able to experience PS2 as it was meant to be played, with cooperative squads of people utilizing infantry, tanks, and air in unison. I've always heard good things about Sturmgrenadier throughout the years in relation to PS1 and I'm glad you've moved to PS2 now. My specialties are flying the reaver and liberator, I just love piloting and really want an outfit that can use air tactically. I also like using the burster max to defend the skies. It's only fair I do my part with AA considering how valuable I consider it to be in this game. I guess that's enough about me for now, hope to hear from you.