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  1. Jaydom

    Question to all the marines

    First off... Join the AF. Your knees will thank you. Second, get a top secret security clearance. Intel & Comm (nuke too, but fork 2 years of AIT). Ask your recruiter which jobs require a TS. A clearance pretty much equals a job on the outside. Single Scope Background Investigations run up to 150,000 dollars to do. If you're a Intel guy and get out and don't like intel, you can easily go do comm or security work. Vice versa. Third. Join the AF. We get treated better because the AF needs a higher retention rate than any of the other services (due to the technical nature of a lot of our jobs). I've been in 9 years, GWOT my whole time, serving with both the marines and army in the field. Great guys & gals, but man they get chewed up and spit out.