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  1. lupusintus

    McNuggets are serious business

    Bath salts are a HELL of a drug....
  2. Duuuude, love the review. Also one of the few who found this title ages ago, basically at the concept level of development. After a time it became clear that many of their directions shifted (ie. focusing on a smaller scale than planetside) and so i stopped watching but after reading this I will absolutely dl and give it a real chance. also, THE GIFTS OF CHAOS MAKE US STRONG! DEATH TO THE FALSE EMPEROR!
  3. lupusintus

    Expired Forum Security Certificate

  4. lupusintus

    How do you take your coffee?

    They frown upon that where I work. You could get shot for dumping coffee. Haha, oh yes I've become much more accustomed to those sorts of coffee lovers the last few years (funny to me how some can get so offended when I say the only 'coffee' I drink is from Starbucks once in a blue moon!). Never got into coffee, never needed it in University nor when I was teaching and getting up in the God-awful hours of the morning. When people talk about coffee and the different kinds of coffee and how they take their coffee I just assume my blank-faced confusion is the same I get from some people when I talk about craft beer. So many variations and nuances!
  5. lupusintus

    How do you take your coffee?

    I take it black... Then dump it in the sink and get a beer outta the fridge.
  6. lupusintus

    I love the japanesse

    Unfortunately, that's not a real heavy metal band as it was just a TV commercial for one of those wrist watches that tracks your excercise, steps, sleep, and whatnot. I'm pretty sure those are all famous sumo wrestlers over here (I know the lead singer is Toyonoshima but I don't recognize the others). And yes, they think we foreigners are quite 'quirky' and weird in many different ways. :P