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  1. Stoopitnoob

    Interested in exploring SG further

    Applied, accepted and Rolling. Thanks for the point in the right direction lacrosix!
  2. Stoopitnoob

    Interested in exploring SG further

    I got an email of approval. Awaiting interview. Will try later in evening.
  3. Stoopitnoob

    Interested in exploring SG further

    Pine, I am very interested in what you are describing. I have experienced a massive FPS event in the past. That's why I am yearning for it again. I can explain on Comms when idle. I have learned not to feed the spiders (Search engines) in a public forum. I hope to hear from leadership on my application so I can start committing more time to SG. I am impressed at the reputation and good things said about its members. Reminds me of another group Tactical Gamers.
  4. Stoopitnoob

    Interested in exploring SG further

    Thanks. I look forward to the opportunity. I have been looking around the interwebs and see a lot of good things said about the group. I formally put in an application for consideration. I see you're in NY. I was born and raised there. I moved to Vegas (Craig and Jones) 9 years ago.
  5. Stoopitnoob

    Interested in exploring SG further

    S! All, I am a 36 year old father, husband and financial professional with over 30 years of gaming experience. Started on the Atari 2600 and it has morphed over the years across many platforms and many genres. The reason why I am here is because I created a thread inquiring of an group of gamers that are mature. While I understand the importance of the various stages of a person's development, I am at a point when I am not really interested in relating to a 15 year old (who's mother is yelling at him to get off) and relying on him to understand the importance of teamwork and communication. We all get our own special forms of enjoyment from games and the camaraderie that can enhance the game play. I want to enjoy the time I have with like minded and mature players. I am not an elitist. I do not hold myself above anyone (except a troll). While I enjoy being number #1 on the leader board, I am for the team first. There is great satisfaction in the triumph of the team. I have been in team environments all my life on various sports leagues. I honestly get bored if I am not playing with friends. I have a lot I can offer the right team. I am a utility player. I enjoy the in your face smash and grab. I can use stealth. I am not an air elite or armor maven. I can hold my own in a fair and balanced fight, but they aren't where I flourish. I am the guy that enjoys the intimacy of the blade. I have been known in many games to get more kills with a knife/blade/sword/saber than with other kits. BF42 and the BF2 series that was my weapon of choice. I am the type of player that enjoys the one shot, one kill games. I cut my teeth into FPS through the Rainbow 6 franchise. In MMO, I enjoy the healer classes and the support classes/medics. Again, that is the success as a team mentality coming through. I hope this has given you enough understanding of where I can add value to a team. While you are "interviewing" me, I am also doing the same. Time is the only commodity I can not replace, so I hope to spend it with maximum impact and fun. Thank you for your time reading. Stoopitnoob