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  1. krayons

    Greetings and Need Your Help

    got an amazon link?
  2. krayons

    Hugh Intel chipset security vulnerability

    fuzzy saw this early, all over the news now.
  3. krayons

    2017 Top Grossing Games

    whats crossfire?
  4. can I get a world of warship invite? thx

  5. krayons

    Still In PS 2 8/20/14 ?

    If u can get on we are doing an OP tonight which is always fun
  6. krayons

    PS 2 on Console

    I'm a mouse and keyboard guy so I'll be sticking to pc, but it will be interesting to see how they do with a ps4 port
  7. krayons

    Greetings from a Blue Lions member!

    Feel free to PM me. I ran the galaxy last night, that said Xrarty and MrSmegzaBush are amazing galaxy pilots and have more air time than me. I'll see if I can pm you MrSmegzaBush guide.
  8. krayons

    Outfit application follow up

    it's in review, did you get the email?
  9. krayons


    hey cappy feel free to stop by anytime. Always good working with you
  10. krayons

    Planetside 1 throwback night

    sounds like fun and alot of our members are interested
  11. krayons

    BWC Ambassador

    lol the song is killing me. It was good fun we should do it again some time.
  12. krayons

    Application - Dog281