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  1. Salutations

    Sup buddy! Come play Life is Feudal with us! Planetside w/ swords and bows and cavalry, with a persistent base that we've built up. It's great fun! :D
  2. Very Sad News

    We'll be having a small wake for Pine on Wednesday (tomorrow) at 9pm Eastern. Folks are invited to come say a few words, share a happy story, etc.
  3. Very Sad News

    I wish I could make it.
  4. Very Sad News

    I'm going to try to get ahold of the PS2 devs. Maybe we can get a memorial in game for him. Something next to a cactus on Indar. I think he'd like that. I'm still in shock, to be honest, this is awful.
  5. Helping Family, My Aunt

    Probably best cross-posted to the Members-Only section, Charity Requests sub-forum. ...that said, I don't see why it can't live here too.
  6. until
    Where we wreck everything. Construction bases, hives, drops on sunderers, etc. If it can be broken, we break it. Pure offense, because defense is boring. We're the reason they can't have nice things.
  7. Greetings

    Lots of folks are! Just not lots of folks check the public section.
  8. Planetside 2 Goomba Stomp Night

    More information here:
  9. Planetside 2 Drunksquad!

    Doing a PS2 Drunksquad, starting at 7:30-45-ish CST. Suggestions for drinking games/themes are welcome - PM me or put it in the Discord Warzone channel.
  10. Where are my Orignal Planetsiders at?

    Jebus the necro-post!
  11. Thief hasn't been back, never got anything, security cameras are set: we're secure. :)

  12. Mnem, we think you've been kidnapped by your thief. We need to know you are a live and well and he's taking care of your "Needs".

  13. New Prospect Reporting

    Make sure you've read, and agree with, the Charter.
  14. Titanfall

    Isn't it supposed to be, at max, 6 on 6?