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  1. norhymes

    Necro game info

  2. norhymes

    Armored Warfare

    It isn't premium.
  3. norhymes

    Pick Your Stanley Cup Winner

    Preds will be rough, but I have to go with the Hawks.
  4. norhymes


    Should just be a matter of reactivating your membership through the member services link.
  5. norhymes

    Age requirement? (for ArcheAge guild)

    Our age requirement is strictly 18-plus for various reasons.
  6. norhymes

    Info on your guild

    Which portal are you asking about?
  7. norhymes

    Looking to join your guild in Archeage

    Definitely submit an application!
  8. norhymes


    Drop us an application and we will get you going on an interview!
  9. norhymes

    postpone interview?

    I can't speak directly for the WoT guys, but generally if you hang out in the Awaiting Interview channel an officer will pick you up as soon as he is able.
  10. norhymes

    ESO Aplication

    We do all of our coordination and command direction through TeamSpeak. Not being able to understand commands might be difficult. Unfortunately we don't have anyone who knows Portuguese.
  11. norhymes

    ESO Aplication

    Hi, Dlevor. Interviews are mandatory for all applicants. We do also require that you have a mic for the interview as we do need to confirm a few things before we approve an applicant for membership. Please reference the email that was sent to you that provides further direction on how to log into TS for an interview. Best, norhymes
  12. norhymes

    Elder Scrolls Online

    I don't see a reason to compel any person to play save for officers. You'd be able to solo but we'd love to have you along!
  13. norhymes

    Elder Scrolls Online

    We have around 50 preorders. And that's just people who have said they preordered. Probably isn't all of them.
  14. norhymes

    Planetside (One) Peeps

    We're playing that as an unofficial game if you'd like to join us.