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  1. zhenpo

    Hey guys

    I bought Black Desert and played it a bit but couldn't get the hang of it. Confusing game that one, really debating about re-subbing again. Would be nice to have people to play with.
  2. zhenpo

    Hey guys

    Hey Guys, it's been a while. Just checking in to see how everyone's doing? What games are we most active in nowadays? Thinking about re subbing.
  3. zhenpo

    Angry Joe Destiny Review

    Well then Lol.
  4. zhenpo

    Elder Scrolls Online

    It's set under trial portals currently because the game is still in BETA and hasn't been released. There is a lot of us interested in this game.
  5. zhenpo

    IP.Board or Talkatap App

    Most people just connect through a mobile browser since it brings up the mobile version of the forums.
  6. zhenpo

    Natural Selection 2?

    Y Ppl have been saying they'll play it but I've been off and on it for the last few days since I Gotten it and I haven't seen a single member on so who knows. I see Phyre playing it a lot. I'm just waiting for a sale, tbh. Finances. Yeah I seen him on once, messaged him but didn't get a response.
  7. zhenpo

    Natural Selection 2?

    Ppl have been saying they'll play it but I've been off and on it for the last few days since I Gotten it and I haven't seen a single member on so who knows.
  8. zhenpo


    Welcome and good luck with ur interview ^^
  9. zhenpo

    New recruit fresh from interview

    Welcome man
  10. zhenpo


    So I know me and another member Winchester are playing Counter Strike Global Offensive, just curious If anyone else plays and would like to join us? Figured we'd play this while we wait to get into beta for PS2. Would be nice if we could get a few interested people. I played Cs 1.6 for for about 7-8 years and takes a bit to get the hang out GO but you get better with practice, I have to say it's different but it's a hell of alot better then source.
  11. zhenpo

    So anyone else

    Thanks guys, we were thrilled when we caught it. It put up hell of a fight. We haven't been fishing lately though due to that massive heat wave for the past couple months water levels have dropped badly so I haven't seen a point in going. Hey khurst any pointers on trout fishing? There's a man made lake about 15 mins from where I live it used to be a rock quarry but they stock it with trout now, I've been there a bunch of times but gave up after a while because I never caught one thing when I was there, not even one bite. I've tried worms, corn, powerbait dough balls, and cheese nothing seems to work O.o
  12. zhenpo

    So anyone else

    So I've been a fisherman ever since I was young thanks to my uncle and cousin. We hadn't been fishing for a few years because Of my Uncle passing away when he was only in his mid 30's due to stomach cancer. But we decided to pick it back up this year, Normally we only fish for Cat, but this year we decided to pick up bass fishing and I think we fell in love with it considering my First catch of the season. Picture of my Cousin holding the 8lb Large mouth we caught our first day bass fishing :3
  13. zhenpo

    Help Me out :)

    Just thought I'd post this up here, Just trying to get as many people to click this link and sign up as I can, The more people I get to sign up via my link the more chance Ive got to win Dota2 Cd Keys to hand out to people and more chances to win PC gaming Stuff such as mouse pads, gaming mouse, And Headset. Also If posting this is against some rule (Which i couldn't find, I did look) Please remove the post. http://c.steelseries.com/dota2betakey/?code=i946OPUi Click this link and sign up, The more people I get to sign up the more chance I get to win Dota2 Keys to give out and other prizes!