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    Tang Soo Do (Korean Martial Arts) 4th degree black belt (Master) trained 20+ years, PlanetSide 2, Starcraft 2, fixing computers/day job is Network/Systems Admin/Helpdesk (Can you fix it) support.

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  1. druphred

    Star Citizen? Anything I should know?

    The answer to your questions are unfortunately more questions So is there anything I should know before I sub to the game? It is still in development and alpha/pre-alpha phase, so don't get too comfortable many things (everything) will change before it is actually released. Are one of the ship choices really awful? There are ships that are more geared towards different jobs so they will be better at those and worse at other things. Example: The Hornet is a single/double seat fighter and it is a great fighter (my favorite ship) it only has cargo room if I take out the ball turret guns, and even then it will suck as a cargo hauler. Then you have the Hull-C, it is a dedicated cargo hauler so it will suck at dog-fighting. So pick a ship based on the role you want to play, or just get the Aurora as your starter ship and figure it out as you go. Right now you can't buy ships with in-game currency but everything will be available in-game currency once the game launches. Are there different places to start and where should I choose? Right now there is not a "starting place" you can choose which module to load into. -Vanduul Swarm/Pirate Swarm is the dog-fighting modules where you spawn in your ship and fight aliens or pirates for a while. -Arc Comm is a place to just run around planetside and look at some stuff -Hangar is where you can go into a private hangar and view your ship and any decorations you have purchased -Stanton is the "baby persistent universe" or baby PU where you spawn as your character and run around a space station, spawn your ship, accept little missions, fly around the solar system, and do general shenanigans. -There is a First Person Shooter module also but I forget the name, you spawn as a character and run around as a team and shoot the other team. (I terrible at this so I don't play it, others can give you a better definition of its game play). Welcome to the 'Verse and I hope to see you soon. I'm Tabor Ravenclaw in game, the best way to make a friends list is to join the org on the RSI site and follow everyone, that adds them to your in-game friends list.
  2. druphred


    Nope it says the char's are on the US East server and then crashes to desktop when I try to login.
  3. druphred


    I'll check on the EU test server after it patches (8GB) I guess it's been a while since I tried to logon to test lol. All the things I've read and looked at not once did I see anything mentioned about the EU test server, maybe soon we'll be able to do things on test.
  4. druphred

    Runabout cabin

    My wife wants to build a gamers/geek island and we were talking about spaceship cabins and different cottages and she came up with this. The Game Room is just like the Star Trek Runabouts cockpit and it's a game you get to play to fly the ship around.
  5. druphred

    Greetings from a Blue Lions member!

    That 1 next to the Chat Tab is typically DruPhred :P It just means there is one person in chat ... See you on the Battlefield!! Ya I'm a computer guy at work so I just sit in chat all day and see who comes by for their lunch break or whenever they get off work. Back on topic: Battle Gals are a beast and I enjoy when I get the chance to gun for one, because I fly like a stone, and I appreciate whenever they give us cover. If you can get a Battle Gal with a Lib and a couple of Reavers to support your inf you've got a gate breaking force :D I look forward to running next to you at the next OP :D
  6. We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.

    Those who ‘abjure’ violence can only do so because others are committing violence on their behalf...

    Love this sig!!!