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  1. Ami, Malkara and I recruited some friends from our old guild. Sandy and Xelle, married couple, should be applying today. They are awesome and I completely vouch for them!!!

  2. caldazar

    Hello! (New Member Intro)

    Hey man welcome aboard.
  3. caldazar

    Whats up SG?

    Infantry here as well, though I did it from the sky and not ships. Thanks for serving and welcome home.
  4. caldazar

    BulletExodus Reporting In!

    MR.... hah hah, to funny, Welcome Bullet
  5. caldazar

    Noctis - New Applicant

    Heya Noctis, lots of us in various games and betas lately... WELCOME!!!! HIP HIP HUZZAH
  6. caldazar


    Hello and welcome, YARRR
  7. Bored at work, fraking hate Monday's, hopefully PS@ beta is live tonite...

  8. Just paid my dues, super impressed by SG so far

  9. Excited for the invite, can't wait to see what SG is about!

  10. Waiting to get some feedback on my PS2 app...