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  1. cheatereater

    Popping in, front page?

    I don't think the front page ever was kept really up to date, unfortunately. Most activity is on the forums or, nowadays, Discord.
  2. cheatereater

    Life is Feudal: MMO

    We are indeed playing LiF! We have a town growing in server 24 on the NA server and get a dozen people on many nights. You should join us, the game is much better with a group.
  3. sorry i have not been on in a while lots of RL stuff going down on my end. I don't see let up in the near future until mid april, if i can i would be glad to help around then if you dont't have all the bugs worked out by then

  4. cheatereater

    PS2 - Intermediate A2A Training 8 pm EST

    Intermediate air-to-air training class. Trainer: CheaterEater
  5. cheatereater

    PS2 - Basic Air Training 8 pm EST

    Basic Air Training class. Trainer: CheaterEater
  6. cheatereater

    Srixun Friday night ops

    Excellent! Glad to see new people, hope to find you running with us soon.
  7. cheatereater

    Unoriginal "HI!" post

    Welcome! Hope to see you on tonight.
  8. cheatereater

    Hello Sturmgrenadier

    Welcome! Glad to have another support person, the game is certainly built with them in mind.
  9. cheatereater


  10. cheatereater

    Why hello there

    Welcome! I think you'll find a good home here.
  11. cheatereater

    Reporting In!

    Glad to see a new Liberator pilot, we always need those. Welcome!