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Everything posted by virdkiller

  1. virdkiller

    Wake for Pine - audio recording

    This was epic
  2. virdkiller

    2017 Top Grossing Games

    For a game that has been around for 7 years being in the top 10 of the world is still insane.
  3. virdkiller

    Hey guys

    People to play with in BD or in general? BD is usually super active at night.
  4. virdkiller

    Centurylink Price Gouging

    Best of luck. Sadly it's all driven by money but hopefully one of the possible providers can be "convinced" it is worth the cost.
  5. virdkiller

    Centurylink Price Gouging

    Well can't speak for Florida but up near Chicago, I've never had an issue with Comcast. I have Comcast at work and at home and I think I've had one day in 12 years where we had service issues and I get 60ms ping to California and 15-30Mbps download and 5-10Mbps upload
  6. virdkiller

    Centurylink Price Gouging

    Have you talked to Comcast? I'm not familiar with Centurylink so don't know how to deal with them. I love Comcast.
  7. virdkiller

    3D print show

    Rephrase: Print food for free :P
  8. virdkiller

    3D print show

    Pretty amazing. Too bad they can't print food :P
  9. virdkiller

    Howdy SG

    Hope you find a home in SG.
  10. virdkiller

    Age requirement? (for ArcheAge guild)

    For what it's worth your post had better grammar and spelling than most native english speakers
  11. virdkiller

    Tabletop Simulator

    Looks pretty cool but I think there are better ones for DnD. I've used Fantasy Grounds before and it was pretty good but looking around this looks like a better one http://www.rptools.net/