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Everything posted by mortimer

  1. mortimer

    CDAT1AD is dead.

    Greetings Guy So what you been up to lately ?
  2. mortimer


    Still here, taking a rest after ArchAge How many SG years? I think 11 or 12 years
  3. mortimer

    Wiesel's Birthday

  4. mortimer

    Hello from the past

    Great to hear from PoBoy, and don't be a stranger
  5. mortimer


    Still hanging with SG, the dues are a bargain. Hello to all you guys.
  6. mortimer

    S! Wiesel

    S !!
  7. mortimer

    48÷2(9+3) = ?

    I wonder how many financial programs and other programs have the "wrong" answer embedded in the calculations for a similar type mathmatical operation ? :D At the end of the day, the accountant's answer is the "correct" one :egg:
  8. mortimer

    Yes, SG will be in Planetside Next

    Lockdown Send me a PM, if you can, I have been in SA for over 5 years, and have been wanting to look you up, sometime.
  9. mortimer

    Everyone who was playing Black Ops this AM

    Hey Jar. Will be 10 years in SG this coming July.