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  1. darqen27

    EvE Online/Mechwarrior

    Whats the current news on EvE or Mechwarrior
  2. darqen27

    Darqen is NOT dead

    Hello everyone, Darqen here, known as Colonel Wolfe these days on discord and most other places. Catch me on WOWs as PanzerFanatic(or WOT) or Mechwarrior as Colonel Wolfe I used to play with you guys in WOT and Eve
  3. darqen27

    Return to EvE

    Howdy morgals. I dont drink anymore. So i'm sure I'll be more pleasant. ;)
  4. darqen27

    Return to EvE

    Looking at returning to eve, was wondering if I still had a place in SGHQ. - Darqen Tasquenesk/Moonpie21
  5. Whats this button do?

  6. darqen27

    Pirates of the Burning Sea

    Just looking to see if there are any pirates players left in the portal