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  1. fryylk

    Salem Beta?

    Is everyone playing solo or are we going to try to meet up? If we are going to meet up then we need someone with a hearth secret.
  2. fryylk

    Salem Beta?

    And whats your Hearth secret?
  3. fryylk

    Salem Beta?

    I fired this up as soon as open beta hit and it is better than it was when I played in early closed beta. It doesn't cast 2 silver to get transported into the wilderness and the horrific camera has been fixed. If anyone has a hearth secret PM me so we can get a SG village together.
  4. fryylk

    DayZ: Anyone playing?

    What server are you playing on?
  5. fryylk

    DayZ: Anyone playing?

    That has changed at least with the introduction of private hive servers. Lawyns server is password protected so the only ones allowed on it are people that are invited. If someone hacks they get the boot and the password can be changed. He also has control of vehicle spawns. I think there are currently 5 helicopters.
  6. fryylk

    DayZ: Anyone playing?

    Again if you are sick of hacking on the public servers join Lawyns private server. He has a private TS server so non SG can join in on the fun. PM him for info.
  7. fryylk

    DayZ: Anyone playing?

    http://forums.sturmgrenadier.com/topic/82235-dayz-for-arma2/ Laywn has a private server setup with password protection so there are no issues with hackers.
  8. fryylk

    Salem Beta?

    I played a lot when the beta first opened but the constant grind for food and arrowheads killed it for me
  9. got beta invite can't seem to download it thou

  10. I have seen Legion boot players off to make room for other Legion members.
  11. Where are you guys gearing up? Chern and Elektro are almost instant death nowadays......
  12. Finally installed the beta patch so I can get onto the 3 servers that are never full.
  13. Spent some time in Chern today. Found a Winchester, NVG, map, compass, matches and a hunting knife. Figured it was time to go out and explore the wilderness........... Got sniped as soon as I hit the tree line.................. Wife had to tell me to stop screaming at my monitor because I was scaring the kids..... Love this Mod..