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  1. Glasses

    Whoops! posted this in public
  2. Glasses

    Hey folks, I've recently noticed that I'd been having a little problem with my vision and for the first time since getting checked in elementary school went to the eye doc. I've got 25/20 in my right eye, but 20/20 in my left. While both could be considered good, the difference is notable for things at distance, driving signs for instance. Do ya'll have any advice on where to find glasses online? I've heard thats the best bet as the prices can be decent
  3. Das Tal - Alpha Testing Invitation

    Looks interesting!
  4. You guys still around? ;)

    Heya mandrik, hope things are going well!
  5. Howdy

    oh another okie!!! Good luck on your application
  6. A Brother's Revenge

    Hell hath no fury like a sibling scorned :P
  7. 48÷2(9+3) = ?

    I first came up with 2 as well, however if the equation where listed as 48/2*(9+3) then my basic instinct is to go with 288.