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  1. ColWolfe

    Planetside 2

    I am growing impatient for the game...mostly because SG is posting almost nightly on the forums about it My complaint isn't logical, I just wants what I wants. On the flip side, Mauser is happy it isn't out yet as he is deployed until May-ish. What a good return home that would be if the launch was close to then.
  2. ColWolfe

    Planetside 2

    No Empire decision. I find it unlikely we will choose prior to launch.
  3. ColWolfe

    Planetside 2

    New beasts and machines? *laughs* As always, I will be playing with the most limited graphic settings I can get away with to optimize my pew-pew. Ask most EVE players with 3+ accounts, they will fess up.
  4. ColWolfe

    Planetside 2

    PS2 will be more fun if they includ that retangular hole in the map that you could drop into and not jump out of. If you forgot a Thumper/Grenades, you have to ask for help
  5. Five digit membership? Yeah, that does make me an old crusty.
  6. ColWolfe

    Planetside 2

    Late night platoon lead for me. My wife already utters some cuss words and a hell no you ain't gonna. She had problems when I'd play up until I went to sleep, uttering platoon orders in my sleep. That's what you get for being one of the only Pacific Time late night LTs. I still love being the annoying generator dropping/holding squad. Cutting that tech plant link, etc.
  7. ColWolfe

    WOT and A Fond Hello

    Sorry bro. As he said, not many peek here. Tis now the weekend and I poked my head into here. Been WoT'ing myself these last 40 days. About 1/2 way to my IS-3 (Tier 8 Russian).
  8. So, I held off. New thing, yeah-yeah-yeah...shiny things and people stirred up. It happens right? Well bastards, it is pretty fun already at entry level. Tier 1 tanks take you for about 10 battles. It SUCKS. You know, like Everquesting and killing a 50 hitpoint rat. OMG how fun!!! Well, as in EVE, this is a good thing. You learn the mechanics of the game, importance of hitting targets in a pack, outflanking, attacking from the rear and how to manually sight (Yes, once you start using autotarget, it is an FPS). SG rules at help. Great links, great starter guides and some people will actually take you to fight in their lower 'Tier'ed' tanks for a few fights and show you the ropes. The best part about SG is the organization and friendship. I'm not talking about a carebear stare...I'm talking about who you want leading you to storm Normandy. This is an interesting game so far. If you haven't tried it, do the free system, don't spend any money and give it a try. I have 'Tier 3 Tanks' now with no subscription fees.
  9. ColWolfe

    Planetside 2

    Come on...like asking if Brittany Spears is a nut case. Hells yeah we are there. *P.S. - please forward me a Beta key* Yer gonna need that late night platoon leader again.
  10. ColWolfe

    Looking at coming back

    You mentioned SOE and Planetside. Just my two cents on credit cards...they are probably the least concerning of my personal information. I believe they are state by state laws (I dunno, maybe it is federal) that states the maximum a cardholder can be charged for fraudulent misuse is $50. That said, I always report the moment I know and have not ever been charged the $50. Several folks are playing World of Tanks and awaiting the Planetside Next by SOE and Dust 516 by CCP Games.
  11. ColWolfe


    We actually do industrial things in EVE...here's the trick. We have 2-4 players working on capital ships. We have 2-4 players working on moving minerals, compressing them into guns, moving them and then uncompressing them, then building ships out of them. We have players buying Tech 2 and Tech 3 items and moving them to forward locations. We have players fueling Player Owned Stations and moving planet/moon materials back to Empire. We have players that buy the loot from others and move it to Empire and sell it. We have players mining in Alt Corporations and selling it to SG Industrial alts to build. There is ALWAYS a lot of industrial might behind the player base. It just isn't apparent via a Corp name.
  12. Terr chatted me up a little this evening. He is leaving EVE, permanently. He just wants to move on to some new things. Strength and Honour Corp first sponsored Sturmgrenadier on its way into 0.0 space. While we had two brief stints elsewhere in 0.0, our first was short lived, being thrust into EVE's first 'global' war in the North...wars which are not uncommon anymore. After that we spent a short period with a 0.0 group that was less mature than my 4 year old son. Moving to 0.0, we were partnered on the Fountain Frontier (just out of Fountain) with SH Corp. We defended against the first BoB invasion, when BoB moved from infancy to beginning to claim space. Fountain was one of the oldest and most powerful alliances, sponsored by BIG, the folks that host EVE's largest lottery. Using newer Corporations as fodder on the front lines, there was no hard backbone to the decaying alliance and BoB's persistence won in the end. I still remember BoB clying the first T2 ships in the game, the interceptors. Myself and 2 other Raven pilots would sit calmly within dock range and let them swarm around, cycling the boosters, waiting for one to close about 20km and hitting double heavy Nosferatu (those would drain you too, this was before the you need to have less cap than they do rule), web and point and launching 6 Cruise Missiles and light drones at the target. It would destroy the Interceptor instantly about 1/2 the time (this was before signature radius and explosion velocity existed). We were there at the beginning, before true powerblocks existed in a time when a Corp of 30 active members could control space if they had it in them. A time before capitals, BattleCruisers, Destroyers and only one T2 ship class in game. A time when you could fit 2xCruise Missile Launchers on your rifter and a MWD (we had to invent our own Stealth Bombers back then). Back in a day when the most powerful EVE Corporations controlled 1 billion isk in total assets and BIG maybe had 10 billion. I don't look back and say I wish it was the way it was, I look back and say holy cow, this game has REALLY evolved. I have played many games and none have changed so much. The big money maker was Zydrine/Megacyte in 2003/2004, morphing into Morphite as Tech 2 launched. Since then sov battles begun, but we had no capital ships, so dozens of battleships would die against the 'death star' attack. BoB even had to supplant a saboteur in order to defuel our POS and get us to leave Y2ANO. Capitals then came out, but you might see 5 Dreadnoughts on the field shooting a POS for 6 hours. Moon Materials came about, invention to cool the screaming losers from the T2 lottery, or those newer to EVE that wanted to be billionaires too. Now into the last 2 years. Titans can no longer DD area of effect because there are just too many. Subcapital snipers are not the primary beat down in tower wars and the big fight is getting a beat on their fleet to launch Hictors and Dictors to stop them from warping. T2 BPOs cost 10+ years of profits and rapid inflation is crAzy. This game has seen a lot and a lot started out with Terr sponsoring SG in Fountain. Thank you for the fun Terr. Maybe we'll get to see you in Planetside next, or EVE 2 :D
  13. ColWolfe

    Resubbed to Planetside

    I usually play Thursday night every week and then either Friday/Saturday time permitting. Still enjoy the teamwork involved. Ok...I suggested having another Empire night again, playing TR, or VS just for fun :D I still think we should do it.
  14. Thursday Night Planetside Night. March 31st at 7:00pm Pacific Time. -Note that anyone that wants to organize troops before my arrival can do so, but please post that you are planning it on this post so people know when to show- *Note: I start out by asking with 4 days notice that players attempt to secure the Certifications noted below sp we can do what needs to be done. That said, we all have real lives and plan to attend even if you forget to recert folks...it is just a game* Give us some replies folks. Thursday is the regularly planned Planetside night for Sturmgrenadier. The Plan... Use combined air and ground and move the map. Air and Anti-Air to set up complete air control. -Ground secures the courtyard, desconstructs the Vanguards, then establishes the AMSs and Routers to get into the base. The primary role is to keep everyone flowing the direction we want. We then select a group attack point when those are not in jeopardy. -Air is first concerned with controlling the air for the assault. Two Sparrow Maxes will ensure that anyone nearby the assault arena can not fly anywhere near us. The Maxes will fly in Lodestars and establish a FARP where Vanguards/Air can repair/rearm. They then use a local Tower/Base and grab Max Sparrow suits to keep local air superiority (Note that Sparrows not needed when air is completely controlled). This crew will rotate with other Air Cav pilots to keep down the boredom. This frees all other pilots for using offensive air such as Reavers, Gunships and liberator gunships to attack incoming ground vehicles threatening the ground assault. -If numbers are too low to accomplish ground vehicle superiority, Air Cav can secure the Air and deliver Ground assult teams to strategic targets via Galaxies. Depower bases, cut off Tech to the front lines, cut interlink benefits, etc. Air Cav can also be used for Covert ops drops to secure towers, prep a base, etc. Role: Ground All characters are paired. Each player should have the ability to drive the same vehicle (no gunner only situations please). You need... Armored Assault 1 (2) points Armored Assault 2 (1) point Engineering (3) Secondary Certs... Ground Support will be needed. AMSs aand Routers. The rest is optional, but please focus on Infantry Combat and Max Certifications. Advanced Medical is nice on a few characters. Role: Air Cav You Need... Max Sparrow Configuration (2) points -Alternate- Assault Buggy (3) points Air Support (3) points Secondary Certs... Galaxy Gunship (3) points Combat Engineering (2) points