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  1. vixium

    Life is Feudal: MMO

    Oh that's awesome. What a small world! We are currently with Prosperity, in server 19. I just mentioned to our CO that he should try to get in contact with you guys to discuss an alliance. Prosperity has a lot in common with what I remember about SG. I feel like ya'll would get along. IMO, The more folks we have to fight against Hyperion and Douchey of Wessex when the time comes... the better. I'm up north right now looking for trees. I may swing by later to say hi! I'm so stoked ya'll are playing. ^.^
  2. vixium

    Life is Feudal: MMO

    Hey folks, Vixium Nightshade here. My partner, Ishka Bibble, and I ran with SG in Darkfall many years ago. I wandered over here to see if there was any talk of you guys playing Life is Feudal, the MMO. We recently started playing in the open beta for LIF:MMO, and this game made me think of our times with SG. I see Gavin is still involved in leadership . That is the only name I really recognized, lol. LIF:MMO site Hope all is well!