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  1. ojj


    Hey slithis! Long time bro
  2. ojj

    Greetings and Need Your Help

    We thought you two ran away together.... it's very magical up in here deez days... Would help if you included a link to the wonderful product you wish to promote
  3. ojj

    McNuggets are serious business

    Evil never dies do I have to pay your 12 dollars? Get your cheap ass in here for some pubg
  4. ojj


    Sup crusties! Steam injected quite a few players but dont think many stuck around. The overall feedback is now mostly negative on their steam page as well.. no surprise there. 15 bucks a month is absolutely ludicrous for the product they offer. Personaly, I don't really mind the dated graphics, or the money, it's the clunky infantry movement, borked supply, hc and ao catastrophe that completely make the game horrible The only thing enjoyable left is watching them struggle to remove toe...as most of you know how much I advocated against it before they destroyed the game. Was also quite amusing to see the former management go from "this how we want the game so piss off" to working at pet smart.
  5. ojj


    Yeah, they said removing toe was coming and then changed the focus to steam release. While they at least acknowledge toe needs to go, they haven't a clue that the one trick pony hc needs to go with it, so that will just continue to blow up in their face anyway. How they continue is beyond me. The game is beyond beat in terms of things going on these days. Played a whole bunch of pubg and we still have a few actively playing. Ive been taking a break lately but with your paid subscription I will include a few carry the scrub matches. Biggest thing has been of course Dream Daddy. I mean like who isn't playing this...
  6. ojj


    Good to see all the old faces still kicking! Seems to be a ton of games out but nothing that holds interest for very long. If they ever remove toe/hc, I just may get something rolling. If we even put 20 people online it would be like cutting butter with a blow torch
  7. ojj


    Sup fris.... We have a few relics still around collecting dust. I see they are getting ready to release on steam...that will be pretty big for the game. Absolutely personaly gratifying to see they are removing toe and aspects of hc control. The steam kiddies sure as hell will not be going for commander corky controlling their gameplay. All in all they are still gonna get flamed off steam with those shit graphics, horrible lag, and most likely their inability to let go of their shit hc/ao game mechanics that already destroyed the game once. Been playing playerunknown battlegrounds and it's a lot of fun. Stop in and say hi on ts.
  8. ojj


    Please refrain from making humor of people with alternative lifestyles. We are one big family of diverse butterflies. Bad cop...no donut.
  9. ojj


    Damn Ronniek! This is like an episode of chip's with all the old fuzz showing up in here. Aren't one of you important enough to get rid of my damn tickets yet. We just need von, jafo and the elusive dark crested cvsx to make an appearance!
  10. ojj


    What's up Hey BFF! It appears you still need work on your sensitivity skills. Maybe Santa will bring you some this year, along with those red skinny jeans you wanted.
  11. ojj


    Lol I just turned 40....some of these relics are aarp card holders
  12. ojj


    Sup crusties! Definitely waiting to see what they do with the toe/supply system changes. The games population is pretty low and kills the fun for me. I'm not sure any changes will bring the amount of players needed either. They simply can't charge 15 a month for the game.
  13. ojj


    In light of their recent revelation on removing toes, we may be getting the tribe back together. We could dominate the game with 20 people
  14. ojj


    The old school peeps still showing up We are playing anything worth it these days in some capacity or another, so feel free to join us!
  15. Von - If you weren't so damn cheap, and could afford 12 peso's, you might find out by joining :P