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  1. She was clearly loved - you were lucky to have each other. !S
  2. tradition

    Greetings and Need Your Help

    Spoon, not sure how the whole amazon thing works, but you need to get some of the info from your website onto the Amazon description. It will help.
  3. tradition


    Welcome to SG. Last clan you'll ever join.
  4. tradition

    How do you take your coffee?

    I don't usually drink coffee (it smells divine in bean form, but it all tastes burnt whether it is K-Cup, Starbucks, Dunkin, whatever) The only way I've ever tried it and liked it was Kona Gold via French press Oren's Daily Roast in NYC for the caffienated win.
  5. tradition

    any old crustys still around

    Miss you Pson. I'm sure Brisket does do.
  6. tradition

    Wiesel's Birthday

    Only had the opportunity to play with him from time to time, but I miss seeing his memorial in SWG. Thanks for sharing with your SG family. !S
  7. tradition

    Hello from the past

    Po - thanks for the update. Glad you are having fun. Also very pleased to hear Weisel's son is doing well - !S forever.
  8. tradition

    You guys still around? ;)

    Can't trust l33t pharmers like you, Mandrik von China - need the cash. I do expect Lost to start taking Euros - he's really been trying to become more "international" lately
  9. tradition

    S! Wiesel

    I had the good fortune of chatting with this fine gentleman a couple of times. He was very cool to me, even though I was a young punk. S!