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  1. Kaeliri

    Wow CE Legion Winner announced!

    Congrats Xan! #Dkmasterrace!
  2. Kaeliri

    How do you take/make your tea?

    I too enjoy a good Irish tea ;)
  3. Kaeliri

    How do you take your coffee?

    Black with a shot of Jameson. Bailey's if i feel like creamer.
  4. Lmao, that's probably pretty accurate most nights. I have to make sure Im never asked to tank :D

  5. Kaeliri

    Pick Your Stanley Cup Winner

    LET'S GO RED WINGS!!! As long as we keep Howard out of net...
  6. Kaeliri

    any old crustys still around

    Pson, you still owe me a beer sir. Hope you find the time to come back to us. We miss you!
  7. Poke! Hey stranger, get together with Mike and I for food soon? Haven't seen you in awhile.

  8. Dusted mine last night. Account is resubbed. I'm back baby!
  9. Kaeliri

    World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor Release Date

    Brexxy you'll be back, you always are. WoD is going to be amazing and a HUGE improvement over the last expansion. Maybe if you go read the books it'll get you interested in coming back. Its going to be good.
  10. Kaeliri

    You guys still around? ;)

    A wild Mandrik has appeared! How are things stranger?
  11. Kaeliri

    WoW Recruitment

    SG WOW is a level 25 guild currently recruiting players on the Eastern Standard Time server of Bleeding Hollow for the Dragon Soul raid and upcoming Mist of Pandaria expansion. Since 2000, Sturmgrenadier, aka SG, has opened its doors to gamers from around the world and all walks of life. We pride ourselves on having an adult gaming community in which we practice an operational and organizational tempo that far exceeds other online gaming groups. Our WoW portal has been on Bleeding Hollow since WoWs Launch day, Proving to be one of the most stable guilds around. We host a variety of players whether it be dedicated raiders, PVPers, casuals or altaholics, SG has something to offer for just about everyone. As part of a larger gaming syndicate, our players have played with each other across multiple games, as such we have a close-knit community of players, which includes several yearly get togethers. Members pay a $12 yearly membership fee which goes towards supporting our website, Team Speak 3 server, and other gaming servers we host for our many portals. Any excess funds are used to buy prizes for our yearly giveways. The first 90 days with guild are a FREE trial membership; members will not be asked to commit to the $12 unless you choose to remain in guild after the 90 days. We maintain our own private Team Speak 3 server capable of handling 512 members; members are required to be logged in whenever they are in game to promote guild cohesion. **RAIDING** Dragon Soul we stand at 6/8HM boss kills Firelands we stand at 6/7 HM boss kills BWD/BoT we stand at 4/13HM boss kills We currently are opening recruitment for all classes for our raiding 25 and 10 core. We are specifically looking for 2 healers, preferably Druid/Pally/Priest, and 3-4 DPS- ranged replacements asap for group 1 and 2. At current we are running 2 10mans until enough raiders are available for 25man. Group 1 runs Tuesday and Thursday 8pm-12am EST Group 2 runs Wednesday and Sunday 8pm-12am EST We are recruiting for a third 10man raid group. At current 3rd group runs Monday nights 8pm-12am EST. Raid times for 25mans when ran are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 8pm-12am EST **We are always recruiting for all classes, being a semi-casual guild if you are interested please apply. Even if we aren't specifically looking for your class we do rotate our raid members so you will be given a chance to prove yourself and possibly earn a perminant raid spot. New recruits are brought in as members; based on monthly attendance and performance reviews, we maintain a group of Raider status players who get priority on getting into raids and loot. All raiders are expected to make 70% of raids. Loot is distributed using /roll method. Command will only step in on loot decisions if item is better suited for another player (IE massive upgrade for someone else compared to a sidegrade for winner). In Wrath we saw progress through 11/12 ICC 25, 12/12H ICC10, 12/13 ULD25 and 12/13H ULD10 while raiding 2-3 nights a week for 4 hours a night. Going forward into Cataclym, we look to improve upon our successess in Wrath. Our current raiding plans are for 25man progression with the goal of completeing hardmodes. **PVP** With the advent of ranked BG's, many of SG's old players are returning from other portals, and we are looking to put together ranked teams and hold regular pvp nights. If you love playing in a team oriented, competitive environment, SG may be the place for you.
  12. Happy Birthday girly! <3

  13. Kaeliri

    WoW Recruitment

    If you're already a member in a SG portal you can request a guild invite from an officer in TS. No need to reapply. Just let us know that you're from EVE portal.
  14. Kaeliri

    I miss all of you so so much :(

    Pson come back! We've got twinkies and beer waiting for you
  15. Kaeliri

    The Matrix

    Are you feeling ok? There was only one Matrix. It was awesome
  16. Kaeliri

    WoW Recruitment

    I'm a blood elf! But unfortunately the sig generator doesn't have any decent BE backgrounds. I'm waiting on Luna to make a pretty new one for me. We are still "Death to the Alliance!"
  17. Kaeliri

    WoW Recruitment

    hey Johnny shot you an email the other day. Looking forward to speaking with you.
  18. Kaeliri


    will do. ya i know what you mean, work has gotten abit more busy aswell because of summer. life comes first as my old guild leader used to say. thanks for responding. btw have you realy been with SG since 03? We have a lot of members that have been gaming with SG for 10+ years now. We're a very well respected and established guild. Lot of family type bonds have been formed with these guys.
  19. Kaeliri

    I'm just going to leave this here

    Hmm clearly the people that tasted it weren't of the true bacon/baklava loving kind. I'd think it would be the perfect mix of sweet and salty. And yes, very catchy way to get a promote lol
  20. Kaeliri

    I'm just going to leave this here

    Mmmmm bacon. So when are you going to start selling us your bacon baklava?
  21. Kaeliri

    Brain Tumor

    Clicked. Keep your head high and keep fighting
  22. Kaeliri

    Christmas Tree

    >.< lol ok thats funny