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  1. For the Emperor! Traitor dogs! Are there options for which Legions you can play?

    The new faces need to see a little old fashion Borsig inspired bruhaha.

    Dave, that roster has me listed as "Intelligence". Must have been relative. I think those sub dates were on the first set of servers, before Pan took his leave. 10/20/01. Longer than I thought. Old Old Old Old Old

    Waiting on Star Citizen with the rest of humanity, it seems. Witcher 3. Destiny. Not much to get excited about at the moment.
  5. Hey buddy. I have a question for you. Are you able to use Tor browser etc? I need to have someone look for something for me in the "dark web" and don't know where to begin.

  6. Wiesel's Birthday

  7. A Brother's Revenge

    Oh, wow. I have to get my popcorn and a comfy chair. Can't wait to see where this is headed.
  8. Any older timers left around?

    This is completely due to the AI of the sheep. The sheep have learned to run away from soildiers. Especially Sven Grisgris, and Frisbane. That is a vicious rumor. Those sheep were just afraid of our big guns.
  9. Any older timers left around?

    Lot of old timers around, but not many that still dabble in WWIIOnline. Always good to see an old face, though.
  10. Hiya Wooly. Just a shade less crusty than Mortimer, but I smell better.
  11. S! Wiesel

    Hard to believe it was that long ago. He is missed. S!
  12. hey,hope you dont mind,I logged onto your account and took that village back and also put a village in scotland and cleaned up your castles a bit

  13. Star wars old republic

    Hiya Borsig. Good to see you around. You too Jaruuk. What's going on folks? Coming along for TOR?