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  1. Jern

    Gofundme for gino's daughter

    A tragic loss my thoughts and prayers are with the family.....
  2. I enjoyed watching the Super Bowl last night! I want to offer congrats to Eagles on their hard fought win! I am personally not a big fan of either team but I appreciated a well played and entertaining football game! Beyond the game itself I always enjoy the super bowl commercials. I love what Tide did with their adds but I was most touched by Verizon and their commercial connecting the rescued with their rescuers! That reminded me how rare it is to directly thank those that help protect and serve. We have many Military, Law Enforcement, Firemen, EMTs,, even Doctors and Nurses in SG. We are a community that has great respect for service people and and first responders but as the commercial reminded me we do not thank them enough for what they do for all of the rest of us! I want to personally say a big THANK YOU to all of our Military Service people, Police, Firemen, Doctors, Nurses, and any one else gets up everyday (or night) goes to work to help or protect other people. I hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl, if the game did not entertain you, perhaps the commercials did! But please regardless of your thoughts on football reach out and thank those that help and protect others!! Now Back to Gaming! God Bless
  3. Jern

    Renewed, can't "PM" Tegan for access

    Heh, we can fix that ... that is what your asking right?
  4. Jern

    Renewed, can't "PM" Tegan for access

    Heh, somewhat cryptic cry for help .. but you should be fixed now! Enjoy!
  5. Jern

    Very Sad News

    This is very sad news... my thoughts and Prayers go out to Pine's family.
  6. What games have you guys found interesting so far in the Steam Summer sale?
  7. Jern


    I saw trailers for this a while back and thought it looked good. I am downloading it now and will try it out this week.
  8. Jern

    Hello From the Steel_wolves world of tanks clan

    Hello LMM, I will make sure one of the appropriate WOT Officers sees your post and contacts you ASAP. Thanks for stopping by!
  9. Jern

    World of Tanks - new Member

    Heyas Broggyr, We are very active in WoT and have a comprehensive training program to help you learn the ropes quickly! If you would like to know more about us please read through our Charter and if your interested send us an application. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks,
  10. Jern

    primary portal

    Response sent via Private message.
  11. Jern

    Fallout3kills -Newcomer-

    Good luck with your interview! Thanks for posting and saying hello!
  12. Jern

    Wildstar ally/circle

    Hello Dekk, Thanks for stopping by the SG forums. I will have our Wildstar Command Staff contact you via PM.
  13. Jern

    New Prospect Reporting

    Heyas SwatTeam, We appreciate your interest in SG! I love that you listed your still learning and a team player because those attributes matter to us more than any stat. Please look over our charter as Mnem has suggested and if your interested in SG fill out an application http://www.sturmgrenadier.org/Apply/WoT so that the WoT recruitment team can schedule a good time to talk with you. Thanks,
  14. Jern


    Glad to have you join us for ESO Atilius!
  15. Welcome to the Sturmgrenadier forums. Most of our forums are restricted access for our members only. If you are a member and can only see this forum then please PM Lostlogic, Jern, or Tegran. Guests are welcome to post topics in the Public Forums, but please note most forum activity is on our member forums. SG members are usually good at responding to questions in the public forum. If you would like to join SG then please go to our application page and fill out an application for the appropriate game or portal! I hope you enjoy your visit to the SG forums!
  16. Jern

    Last Night's (11/16) Operation Phoenix

    Welcome Dzire! I heard a last nights ops were a great success! We have an alliance forum set for Outfits that want to coordinate with is on PS2. I will PM additional info. Thanks,
  17. Jern

    Scary Gaming Health Problems

    The title of the post should be "neglectful parenting health problems". Seriously the parents got to get a clue. If the kid did not have a video game to spend that unmonitored time playing there is NO telling what he would have gotten into?? The game probably saved his life. And, yes I am being dead serious and pointing out the real issue. The fact that parents NOT kids abuse video games by using them to keep the kid out of their way so they can do what they want. My kids like video games but they like doing stuff with me just as much or more. Nothing is more tragic than a bad parent that blames anything and everything for the results of their obvious neglect.
  18. Jern

    Hello - long time

    Hello Kleinman... good to hear from you and look forward to working with you guys in PS2.
  19. Jern

    Planetside 2

    Great to hear from you Rocknowiski, welcome to the SG forums! I am handling the diplomatic duties in PS2 for SG and I will send you a PM.
  20. Jern

    MechWarrior Online anyone?

    Yes, there are plans to make a MWO portal when the game gets closer to release and when there is more information about "Community Warfare" (the persistent map part of the game). So far we have a large number that have purchased Founders and are playing the closed beta. NDA prevents us from saying more but as stated we got some big plans for this game!!
  21. Hello Zigzag ..that is an interesting series of questions and statements. I will try to provide some answers and clarification. Playing 3 to 5 matches per night your investing only about 20 to 40 minutes per night. So, playing for approx a half hour 3 times per week it is going to take a while to advance up the tiers in the various tank lines. Clan Wars is the end game part of World of tanks and due to the fact that it is Clan vs Clan, the Meta game politics, strategic map moves, and the infinite number of battle strats on a huge number of battle maps in a PvP environment make it far from simplistic. There is an auto aim function but it is nearly useless. In WoT it is all about where you hit the tank and auto aim at best will hit center mass on a motionless target. It can't hit a moving target at all.
  22. Jern

    access to alliance forum?

    Sending a PM ...
  23. Jern

    Hi there

    Hello Bokashi, I will try to talk to you in game and I will PM you some additional contact info. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to talking with you.
  24. Jern


    Be glad to have you Jeepmon! PM forthcoming with details.
  25. Jern


    There that makes more sense