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lunaleska last won the day on June 5 2013

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  1. Yes, happy belated birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday girly! <3

  3. lunaleska

    A Brother's Revenge

    so when you plan to sub? or to busy playing catch up with your honey? lol
  4. lunaleska

    A Brother's Revenge

    Or we could ban him and enjoy the peace and quiet of the interwebs ^_^
  5. lunaleska

    A Brother's Revenge

    Your not allowed to join! One Shinue is enough for SG!
  6. your sig needs to burn!

  7. lunaleska

    A Brother's Revenge

    Nope not going to happen membership requires maturity and you have none ^_^ Plus if you do I won't be able to get away with anything anymore >_<
  8. lunaleska

    A Brother's Revenge

    lol Don't you dare! No Marc the one you spoke with was Josh ^_^ the other geek in the family. This jarhead went into the military and didn't write his sister for over a year! >_< Btw hows the Justin Beiber messages bro <3 ? ^_^ hehehehe
  9. lunaleska

    A Brother's Revenge

    Regardless your dead and this is the last I am posting here because of it >_< Go back to your 4chan!
  10. lunaleska

    A Brother's Revenge

    What else did you give them? I already promised I would come don't make me hurt you!
  11. lunaleska

    Hi everyone, this is Arktype

    Welcome Aboard ^_^ can't wait to play with yah!
  12. lunaleska

    Planetside 2

    whether your old or new doesn't matter we all get the SG wrinkles eventually ^_^
  13. lunaleska

    DAoC 2!? (Guild Wars 2)

    GW2 where the world evolves even without you in it! lol
  14. lunaleska

    Brain Tumor

    Aye been clicking it ^_^
  15. lunaleska

    Planetside 2

    hell I missed that chance to be a part of SG in PS so I won't miss that chance in PS2 ^_^