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  1. sargeosis

    Very Sad News

    I recognize that hippy in the Porsche shirt! BK, I'm so glad you kept those photos! I wish we'd done that again in years following.
  2. sargeosis

    Hey there! I'm alive!

    I think some folks play the division but I don't believe we have a formal group. Look at world of warships or dreadnought which some folks have free keys for. Assuming your looking for other suggestions.
  3. sargeosis

    You guys still around? ;)

    Actually, most folks travel with cash without any problem to anywhere in the United States. Or you could bring your debit card with you and it has considerably more protection than BitCoins. Having said all that, if you can make BitCoins successful more power to you. It's a much more rewarding life when you're involved in things you enjoy.
  4. sargeosis

    You guys still around? ;)

    Hey Mandrik! I bought a small box of your baklava and it was awesome. Glad to hear you're doing ok.
  5. sargeosis

    MechWarrior Online anyone?

    Best and surest way to victory appears to be join up with a team. My lone wolfing has resulted in litterally zero wins.
  6. sargeosis

    MechWarrior Online anyone?

    We've had upto 16 folks playing so you shouldn't have any trouble finding teammates.
  7. sargeosis

    Planetside 2

    Hey Dinger, good to know your still kickin' around!
  8. sargeosis

    Planetside 2

    Dibs on a first class seat on Pine Air's maiden flight.
  9. sargeosis

    Terracian SHcorp leaving EVE forever...

    Always had a blast with Terr and the SHBH guys. Terr, I'll miss you man! Best friend SG ever had.
  10. sargeosis

    World of Tanks

    Jaruuk, what do you think of Dystopian Wars?