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ratscabies last won the day on January 6 2013

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  1. ratscabies

    Very Sad News

    Rest In Peace brother.
  2. ratscabies

    Where are my Orignal Planetsiders at?

    Interesting.....I may have to check this out. edit-and clean up that sig
  3. ratscabies


    ....and fix that mess of a sig.
  4. ratscabies


    All good news. I should be done with a few clients in the next 2 weeks, after that I need to prioritize getting my ass back into SG.
  5. ratscabies


    I see not much is going on in the public channel. I have been playing too much Shogun 2 and not enough eve. I will keep a look out on the public channel for members. I also need to see what else SG is playing so I can join back up.
  6. ratscabies


    Hiya Gang! I have returned to PC gaming and have been working on a few Eve industrial accounts. I am enjoying it and am curious if Dark Star Industries is still chugging along. If so let me know your public chat channel in eve if you have one so I can chat everyone up again and ask a few questions. Hope all are doing well and I look forward to getting back with SG in one way or another. Matt