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  1. Spoon

    Greetings and Need Your Help

    Toilet Flange Repair Kit - 3D Plumbing Products, LLC
  2. Hey all my SG'ers. I am sure my name is lost deep in the basement around here but I know those guys that are still wearing SG tags that were here when I started SG back in 99 are still around. Anyway, the best thing about this gaming community is the ability to help each other out and I need your help. We launched a new product on Amazon (Redleg69) and myself and need some of you guys to purchase our product and give us a 5 start review. Yes it will cost you 30 bucks to do so but if you will do it, it sure will help get the word out for us. Now so you dont think you are just getting stiffed in this dea. If you purchase and leave a 5 star review for us, we will send you a "Richardson" hat with our logo on it for FREE. Just post in this thread your order number and I will ship you a hat. Thanks for everything and its really awesome to see SG still going strong since I started this in 1999. That is a pretty awesome feat. I love you guys. Salute!
  3. Spoon, where are you? You should be SG member for life as you started this group of gamers.

  4. Spoon

    Hello from the past

    WOW, just WOW. So good to hear Weisel's son is doing well and its always great to hear from you old crusties. As you know, the door is always open for re-entry.
  5. Spoon

    Question to all the marines

    Anything in the MEDICAL field if you can. Worth it in the long run.
  6. Spoon


    Good times for sure. Good to see all the old crusties still hanging around.

  8. Spoon

    Any older timers left around?

    Few still here ;-p
  9. Spoon

    Star wars old republic

    BORSIG! Whats up old man! Rode by the Bristol Motor Speedway last week and thought about you. Pay your damn dues and get back in here!
  10. Spoon

    World of Tanks

    Hola old man...
  11. Spoon

    Everyone who was playing Black Ops this AM

    Hey man! Long time no speak. How are you doing these days?