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  1. Dear Tarrant, Stop pushing your crack on me..... Don't make me a dirty WoW fiend again!!!
  2. brexen

    any old crustys still around

    Pson!!!! My giant drinking buddy!!! Miss you too brother, like Marc said, we were talking about you the other day and some of the great times we had in RL and online. I remember you meeting the lady. Glad life is treating you well and that you guys are enjoying the good life. Where are ya living now anyways?
  3. brexen

    World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor Release Date

    No more WoW...... I can't take it any more
  4. brexen

    Elder Scrolls Online

  5. brexen

    Fun Facts

    I hate every one of those songs and fear for our future.....
  6. brexen

    Hey guys

    Nice to see ya again Wafle
  7. brexen

    You guys still around? ;)

    How Goes it Mandrik? Nice to see ya dropping by
  8. brexen

    I miss all of you so so much :(

    Yeah. Sometimes I think back fondly of those times, and other times I shake my head and do a palm face when I remember the bar incident. I still blame you for that, by the way. Only because the Jager and red bull sat atop the mess of Guiness and Baileys we had. I think if we started with the Jaeger Bombs before the Irish Car Bombs you would have been fine.
  9. brexen

    I miss all of you so so much :(

    Yo JOE!!!! Miss ya brother! I still have fond memories of you guys in Ontario add me on LoL too!
  10. brexen

    Old timer saying hello

    What up Foe! Been too long indeed. Hope life is treating ya well and come merc some peeps with SG. /$12 for life!
  11. brexen

    So anyone else

    Arch (Odin) is the guy to talk to about fishing. I'm hoping to someday take advantage of his company and go to one of his cabins. Those places look great and the fishing would be killer there! North Winds Outfitters