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  1. galactica

    McNuggets are serious business

    No it was the french fries man...not the nuggets. Of course if it's the oil they are cooked in then might not be either. http://www.businessinsider.com/dimethylpolysiloxane-in-mcdonalds-fries-could-cure-baldness-2018-2
  2. galactica

    Wake for Pine - audio recording

    Thanks Mnem for posting this. Also here's a Link of Pine from PS1 on Pine Island.
  3. WoW Saladin nice write up man, much appreciated.
  4. galactica


    Welcome board, stick around awhile, you'll realize your finally home
  5. galactica

    Best Steam Game Ever! Spermination

    LMAO guess you really can turn anything into a game.
  6. Spermination Shit just got REAL!
  7. galactica

    Centurylink Price Gouging

    HAHA, well I was in the Army amigo, I traveled all over and honestly cold doesn't bother me...I'm not a fan of city life however, nor high taxes, where I live now is where I and my family grew up at so I'm here because of them and my kids mainly.
  8. galactica

    Centurylink Price Gouging

    Well it probably has a lot to due with the demographics that make up their neighborhood I'd guess. My neighborhood is comprised largely of single family dwellings, most of which seem to have 4-5 or more living in them, they are larger parcels, 2+ acres each. But across the street there are parcels .5 acres so that's where the services are obviously, more money. I just need to convince comcast to extend their service across the road down our street. Time to put my sales and business experience to use, plus I'm a cop I'm good with talking to people and picking up on little queues many people miss...I'll figure someway to work that in to the pitch..hehe. SIGN HERE OR WERE GOING TO BUST YOU FOR YOUR MARIJUANA FARM YOU HAVE IN THE BACKYARD...DONT PLAY DUMB I'M YOUR NEIGHBOR I CAN SEE AND SMELL IT!
  9. galactica

    Centurylink Price Gouging

    I've moved all over the country while in the Army, and used many various providers...depending on where you are and the people running that region they can be great..or they can be "NOT SO GREAT"...but honestly Comcast has always been good with me, everywhere I had them. I just called them in fact and even though I've tried getting their services before, I'm going to try to find out what it would take -the cost at least- to get them to lay lines for us on my road. I know if I go home to home down here I can get enough people interested to break the cost to lay the initial infrastructure, even if they don't want the cable TV because they like their satellite providers, they still would like the internet/phone option...and I'd be willing to be many would drop satellite for cable because of our thunderstorms in the summer, you can't even watch satellite most the time. So I'm hoping for the best, but planning for the worst. Thanks for all the responses by the way, appreciate the comments.
  10. galactica

    Centurylink Price Gouging

    Yeah Mel I appreciate your responding and all but that is pretty doom and gloom bud, I was looking for people who possibly have experienced similar situations and what if anything they did as a work around to at least mitigate the ISP's poor customer service. Also the zipcode I live in is advertised with 10 Mpbs up to fiber for prizm, and when you ran the address on their website and comcast they both showed excellent date speeds and pricing. It wasn't until we moved and scheduled the install appointments that they informed us of the piss poor service. Hell I still receive emails/advertisements in the mail from both Comcast and Centurylink about their highspeed internet available in my area. Moving at this point really isn't much of an option due to financial and personal circumstances beyond my control unfortunately, believe me my wife and I have both discussed it.
  11. galactica

    Centurylink Price Gouging

    So I live in a suburb of SW Florida, with a county population of around 7-800K people during non-tourist seasons. Literally a mile from my home people have Comcast and Centurylink services with 10-25 Mbps lines, I used to have them before moving to my new address. Since the move I've written and had phone conversations with Centurylink's CEO/President and his administrative assistant who informed me that she had engineers look at the area and determined that it's not worth it for them to upgrade the lines, there's no money it in. Yet people living at the very edge of our county line in the middle of nowhere, near none of the major city populations, have 10 Mbps lines. I however am stuck on 1.5 Mbps, somehow they managed a 3.0 line and I added a second line for my stay at home wife and daughter since my computer and gaming often suck up the 3 Meg line. That was about a year ago...today I received my bill...bumping my $116 bill to $154. So I just had to call and cancel that line and now my wife and 3 year old daughter won't have internet when my computer is on...I tried splitting the one 3 meg line up through quality of service but it just doesn't work out and ends in frustration for everyone. Here we are in 2015 being charged ridiculous amounts of money for old-antiquated lines with horribly slow data rates and loose connection every time we have a thunderstorm...which as you can imagine in SW FL, is quite frequently. Anyone else facing similar price gouging? Offer better ideas?
  12. galactica

    Super Troopers 2

    Super Troopers 2 Indiegogo Campaign Linky
  13. Original Join Date Under GalacticaOLDRENAMED - Sep. 9, 2004.

  14. Lol come join us for ESO!

  15. Sypher AKA: Singature Patron GOD of SG!

    You rock Sypher!