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  1. arragoth

    Popping in, front page?

    So I decided to pop in and see what SG has been up to and the news on the front page is over a year old? Are you guys not using the website anymore?
  2. arragoth

    any old crustys still around

    Pson you need to join us in Michigan some time man, we all miss you.
  3. Hey im humfrey from WOWA im going to be maining an Elemental/ Enhancement Shaman next patch and was wondering if you could have a chat with me some time about the finer details of shamanism.

  4. We have more and more people coming back. Talking to a couple guys about it in Gchat right now
  5. arragoth

    any old crustys still around

    We have a lot of old crusties coming back to Wow, you should join us. I am hoping to talk to naj and Trin about coming back as well.
  6. arragoth

    any old crustys still around

    Pson!! hey buddy, Brexen and I were just talking about you the other day. Miss you man, how is life treating you?
  7. arragoth

    I miss all of you so so much :(

    MoP is the best expansion ever! Add me on LoL Joe. I did know somehow about the second one, gratz. On my way to bed, chat later.
  8. arragoth

    I miss all of you so so much :(

    THREAD NECRO, buahaha. I can't believe Pson still has the transformer twinkie sig thingy. lols. Hey Joe, how the hell have you been!!
  9. arragoth

    Old timer saying hello

    Just came across this as I never browse this part of the forums. How the hell are you man? Been a long time. It's funny cause I was just remincing about the days of our old Area team with Apam, Zernin and Draacco. We had a hell of a team when it was going strong. What have you been up to? Any chance you are coming back our way?
  10. arragoth

    I miss all of you so so much :(

    heya bud! Been far too long! We'd tried getting a hold of you for the last SG gathering but nobody heard back!! How is everything?
  11. arragoth

    So anyone else

    That is a hell of a Bass.
  12. arragoth

    MechWarrior Online anyone?

    We are playing MWO. We have a fairly good size group of guys that have purchased a Founders pack.
  13. arragoth

    A Brother's Revenge

    Are you the brother I was chatting with on the phone back when May moved up to Ottawa and we were all trying to get here to visit us in Toronto?
  14. arragoth

    A Brother's Revenge

    Lee you are awesome man, thanks for the video's!
  15. Hey buddy noticed in a post you really liked the assasin or sorcerer alot. Playing assasin right now and loving it. But im really wondering if sorcerer is a better long term choice.

    You know i have played a warlock for like 7 years so wanted a melee dude and of course have the option to tank but heals in pvp seem huge and im wondering at higher levels if im gonna need em for groups and pvp.