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  1. StrayKat

    CDAT1AD is dead.

    I've only one question: Are you a Star Citizen? If not, why not? (It's got tanks!)
  2. StrayKat

    Renewed, can't "PM" Tegan for access

    Yes you intuited correctly. Thank you.
  3. StrayKat

    Renewed, can't "PM" Tegan for access

    I can't has a capital S and K in my name anymore??? Jeez, do the Subscriber for Life and Lose Capital Letters!??!? *sigh*
  4. StrayKat

    Renewed, can't "PM" Tegan for access

    Edit: Tegran.
  5. StrayKat

    I'm back...

    Well... I've come a long, long way in two years.... Business owner (finally). Freemason. Toastmaster. Still married (ugh). Anyway... my return to gaming is going to be SW:TOR. When I saw the in-game play trailer three days ago my jaw just dropped and I said to myself, "I wonder if SG is going to play this...?" So... let's see what happens... I re-upped for three years so I guess I'll stick around longer this time? Well, until Elenin crashes into us, heh. Or the Zombie Apocalypse Pandemic happens... oh, wait, I own that, nm.