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  1. Renewed, can't "PM" Tegan for access

    Yes you intuited correctly. Thank you.
  2. Renewed, can't "PM" Tegan for access

    I can't has a capital S and K in my name anymore??? Jeez, do the Subscriber for Life and Lose Capital Letters!??!? *sigh*
  3. Renewed, can't "PM" Tegan for access

    Edit: Tegran.
  4. I'm back...

    Well... I've come a long, long way in two years.... Business owner (finally). Freemason. Toastmaster. Still married (ugh). Anyway... my return to gaming is going to be SW:TOR. When I saw the in-game play trailer three days ago my jaw just dropped and I said to myself, "I wonder if SG is going to play this...?" So... let's see what happens... I re-upped for three years so I guess I'll stick around longer this time? Well, until Elenin crashes into us, heh. Or the Zombie Apocalypse Pandemic happens... oh, wait, I own that, nm.