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  1. draacco

    Necro game info

    lots of memories there for sure.
  2. draacco

    Necro game info

    Don't know if I should admit this, but I once stayed up over 72 hours camping Lord Begurgle rare spawn camp underwater to get his crown for my Epic Morning star when those went live with the Resurrection spell for a no mana for our raiding group. Was really important to get so that raid wipe recovery went from hours to minutes since you didn't have to wait on mana to regenerate.
  3. draacco

    Necro game info

    I miss the EQ 1. There will never be another game like it that tons of people will play. It was just too hardcore. Train to zone! Can i get a SoW! Buying fine steel for 10s. full set of rubicite armor. Going Linkdead in plane of fear and my char being locked online dying over and over again losing experience until I was below the level to enter the zone again and couldn't loot my body. no instances, every boss was a world boss. being awarded the first item out of plane of time. Seeing my first hill giant and thinking, "nobody will ever kill those" Getting lost in lower guk. 9 boxing plane of air.
  4. draacco

    Necro game info

    LOL found this in my email from 2000. 10 points to whomever can guess what game this is from. Not that there were many that had maps like this.
  5. draacco

    Where are my Orignal Planetsiders at?

    Oh, gone are the day's of bad graphics and bad recordings, over squelched music and trial video capture programs. This was the first video I ever did, I didn't have a clue what I was doing. Most seemed to like it though. even the Enclave paid tribute to the video lol although in a comical way.
  6. draacco


    These are not the Stuka's your looking for.
  7. draacco

    Elder Scrolls Online

    ESO Beta Weekend Countdown Clock
  8. draacco

    Elder Scrolls Online

    think we have over 40 that have pre-ordered
  9. draacco

    Question to all the marines

    Navy Nuke is the way to go. When you get out work for a commercial plant making 100k a year with overtime no degree, just a high school diploma. All training is on site.
  10. draacco

    Old timer saying hello

    Damn dude you fell off the world. Wondered where you went Glad to see you back in action
  11. draacco

    Normal EV Raid 7:45pm est [Ralith]

  12. draacco

    EV Normal (Time TBD) [Hokies]

  13. draacco

    EV Normal (3pm) [Fritz]

  14. draacco

    (SWTOR) EV Hard Mode 9pm [Malisyn]

    EV Hard Mode Thursday, February 2nd
  15. draacco

    Hard Mod EV 9:00 PM EST [Dogsoldier/revbungie]

    Hard Mod EV Run - Friday February 3 - 9:00 PM EST