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Xander last won the day on April 6 2015

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  1. Xander

    Wiesel's Birthday

  2. Xander

    Salem Beta?

    Try googling the win 8 problem I think java has to be installed or you have to find it Can't remember. Yes we are grouped. SGHQ for hearth that may work if not hope on TS. We are about a 10 min boat ride north of Roanoke Beileve the secret is Autum see us on TS for it
  3. Xander

    Salem Beta?

    server is rodek something its the bottom one south of boston
  4. Xander

    Salem Beta?

    Cool I saw you on TS the other day Laywn but I had to reset my password for the game and was tired. But I game to play as well I loved H&H What server?
  5. YA!!! got my mail 2 days ago LOL just got back from camping Password for beta forums please.

  6. got beta invite can't seem to download it thou

  7. Xander

    S! Wiesel

  8. Nope won't let me login

  9. going to try again but the site would not let me login with the Id and pass they gave me with the email

  10. weird that I had to approve you msn

  11. Xander

    48÷2(9+3) = ?

    I'll jump on the 2 band wagon cause that is the way I was taught math