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  1. CDAT1AD

    CDAT1AD is dead.

    Work for the VA finally, converted to a dirty Xbox gamer. Got disability from injuries while on active duty. Didnt know how bad I was hurt, but I am still rolling along. May get new pc and reup once eldest moves in with her bf later this year. Who else from the dawn of time is still around? You doing ok?
  2. CDAT1AD


    Well shit I guess the crust former tanker can afford to say hi every decade or so. Loved holding Waterloo in a lone 38t or taking on 5 A-13's in a 232 with you guys scouting and decimating them. Best group I ever had the privlidge to game with, and the banter was EPIC. Never mind when the Anzacs hunted the feared Grey Hoarde by looking for lag spikes. Been long enough that my girls can drink and my brother Gumby69's son fought in Afghanistan in 2012. Guys I miss those days. Thanks for being part of a great set of memories, except OJ, he knows what he did to the sheep, they told me everything.
  3. CDAT1AD

    CDAT1AD is dead.

    You are correct, Iraq 1991 out of Germany. 2nd Brigade 2/70 Armor A Co on M1-A1's.
  4. CDAT1AD

    CDAT1AD is dead.

    Long live THE SHEEP GOD!!!! To think I was what the 13th member of this place? On Xbox now as CDAT1AD, original I know, but still kicking, so we taking Waterloo AB with an Opel rush again???