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  1. kilgore

    Flight Simmers?

  2. kilgore


    Welcome to the party dude!
  3. kilgore

    Question to all the marines

    No offense You shouldn't have gone open.
  4. kilgore

    Question to all the marines

    ATC is great, anything medical or (if your an electronics guy) medical equipment maintenance. Anything that can get you certified for something on the outside is great. Getting a TS SCI would be great, you can land awesome jobs that they will train you for just by already having a clearance. How did you enlist? Open?
  5. kilgore

    Looking for an old SG PlanetSide 1 Movie

    I believe you are referring "Maxim of Many - Credence of One"
  6. kilgore

    What's up Sturmgrenaider?!

    Hey, Welcome to the forums! Good Luck on your way to Eagle, it's one of the accomplishments I am very proud to have.
  7. kilgore

    Planetside 2

    Now there's a guy I shared a tank with a few times... Good to see you man. I think I still have a pic of that 4 hour maggy of yours.
  8. kilgore

    Planetside 2

    Will the still be VTOL?
  9. kilgore

    48÷2(9+3) = ?

    Asked a math teacher friend of mine 11:59am Her: Need help in math? Order of Operations...therefore... you do ( ) first so you add 9 + 3 Me: ah so the answer is... which leaves you 48 ÷ 2 (12) then you do multiplication and division in order from left to right... 24(12) 288 me: hmmm