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  1. Chronosphere

    Very Sad News

    Jesus, on the off inkling to check out what SG is up to after a while, I read this. I met Pine in person in Atlanta more than a decade ago. We went out to the range with a couple of other SGer's and he was more than happy to let me shoot his Dan Wesson revolver. I played with him for years in original Planetside. Great guy, and I'm so sorry for his family for his unexpected passing - he was a great guy and I'm sure a great father and husband. S!
  2. Chronosphere

    Return to EvE

    Game has changed so much not sure I'd even know what I'd be doing anymore either. One of these days I may start playing again, difficult to find free uninterruptable time for PvP ops again with kids. Being a grown-up changes things
  3. Chronosphere

    Where are my Orignal Planetsiders at?

    Yup, lots of old names in this thread.
  4. Chronosphere

    EVE Application

    This application got handled weeks ago guys. Hes been in portal for about 2 weeks now.
  5. Chronosphere

    Terracian SHcorp leaving EVE forever...

    Sorry to see you go Terr, you guys were around and helping SG out when I was but a babe in the woods in this game. If you ever want to give EVE a shot again, you know where to find us :D
  6. Chronosphere


    DSI is a holding corp for inactive or barely active toons. SGHQ-Public is the public channel for SG in EVE now.
  7. Chronosphere

    Can not login

    Your main account is listed as "subscribed SG member" so you're good there. I'll get lostlogic to take a look and see whats up.
  8. Chronosphere


    OMG its Gerbs! Hey buddy, how are you doing? :D Also, Team Rodent!
  9. Chronosphere

    Everyone who was playing Black Ops this AM

    Heh, I've been on Xbox Live but not playing Black Ops unfortunately. The budget for new video games is rather sparse these days :-/