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  1. fade

    Locked out of forums.

    I let my membership expire but renewed quickly. Been locked out. Notified Tegran have not received a response.
  2. fade


    Herrlabe! hehe
  3. fade

    Very Sad News

    I Pine for you.
  4. fade


    S! Herrkurt ! Sniping Expert Extraordinaire!
  5. fade


    Fade was here again... Looking for the next MMO to play with SG since WW2 online that I can be good at. Still have not found one. Getting very old, wrinkly, and grey........
  6. fade

    Very Sad News

    S! Pine God Bless You
  7. fade


    Resubbed my old friends take my money please. I might check out ww2 online again if it steam releases. Been playing Unknown Player's Battlegrounds, Iracing with SRA broadcast by maxspeedtv on You Tube Mondays, and waiting on Pinball FX 3. Other than that games don't hold my attention in my old age. Been waiting for that next great must play MMO. I been waiting a long time. SG!
  8. fade


    Hey Ronniek! One of the only people in the world that can out smg me in ww2 online!
  9. fade


    Signed up to ww2 online when they let me come back for 9.99 a month. I am having a surprisingly good time. See dre21 a lot
  10. fade


    I cant help but check it out least if its not super inviso warpy.
  11. fade

    Project Gorgon

    Project Gorgon MMO fills the crave I been looking for since Asheron Call. I love this game but I am old.. http://projectgorgon.com/
  12. fade


    I been lost since the great times at ww2 online. I have really loved two and only two MMO, Asheron's call and WW2 Online. I been trying to find that next MMO of my dreams and have tried and put time in a lot of them. But Blah.....Black Desert is going to be my next try.
  13. fade


    Checked in on ww2 online. More promises of grander send more money. Rats are screaming it is your game now not theirs. Shocking! Begging for money to fix the terrible inf warping because they have no bandwidth before Steam release.
  14. New update and they are letting old players come check it out for 2 weeks free. See you there!