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  1. Magen

    Very Sad News

    I just saw this, don't know how I missed it... Damn PIne was my galaxy flying buddy... we used to stage two galaxies... RIP Pine..
  2. Magen

    Wanting to return

    Be glad to see you back rolling with us...
  3. Magen

    Code of Conduct class

    Code of Conduct - Wednesday 10-23-2013 @ 8 pm ************ 8pm Eastern 7pm Central 6pm Mountain 5pm Pacific ************ I will be conducting a Code of Conduct class. Remember this is the only required class at this point for PS2. Walkins are always welcome, along with crusties that just want to hear my voice from the Planetside 1 days.
  4. The server is Mattherson. Look forward to seeing you all there... Time to lock and load.
  5. US based installations - http://launch.soe.com/installer/PS2_setup.exe For those that will be playing in the European servers: http://launch.soe.com/installer/PS2_PSG_setup.exe
  6. Magen

    Respect from a TR.

    Hang up your red, and go grab some blue/gold...
  7. lol I added a comment instead of sending a PM, man am I out of practice...

  8. I would like to join the PS2 portal, I sent LL a message but haven't heard back. I've also spoken with the TOR portal commander to get his approval.

  9. Magen

    Whats up SG?

    Thanks for serving brother, I was in the Navy for 11 years and have nothing but respect for our Marines. Hua!
  10. Magen

    Planetside 2

    I heard they were building another Pine Island...
  11. Magen

    Planetside 2

    Oh I can't wait to strap into the pilot seat of the Gal!