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  1. Herrkurt


    And then we all pray "may Star Citizen deliver us from the hole left in our lives by WWIIOL". Or WWIIOL 2.0 comes out first and is actually good and we all go play that. It's a race to see who can develop the kind of massively ambitious game we love first, while hoping they don't both have a heart attack before the finish line. Gah, I'm getting optimism/pessimism whiplash.
  2. Herrkurt


    The temptation to take another crack at it is mighty strong. Graphics can't be much worse than what we got with LiF, the latency should be better, and no grind. We may not be able to play with the terrain and build or own bases but WWIIOL is where we first learned to fight as a team. I bet a dozen of us could dominate a sector of the front. PS: CRS is having a subscription drive to fund this year's roadmap. Some rather important improvements planned. Hybrid TOE is already in beta. Along with other systems this will restore power to the wider playerbase rather than leaving everything concentrated with high command.
  3. Thank you for the condolences. The initial shock is fading and being able to tell others about her has helped to make the parting bittersweet. She may not be here in body but I can still communicate the many fond memories I have of her.
  4. Yesterday afternoon I found my shepherd mix, named Guinness, had expired between my stepping out of the room and returning a couple minutes later. She was laying down in one of her usual spots and it appears that she passed peacefully. She was over ten years old. The vet explained that it is common for shepherd breeds at that age to develop a disease which causes an internal bleed leading to a drop in blood pressure, exhaustion, and a gentle passing. I am writing this for my own benefit because I know that she had a good life, long for her breed, and did not suffer. Because it was swift and painless with little forewarning I am in a mild shock processing the loss. She had been acting a bit lethargic and was reluctant to eat for the past few days. She showed no signs of pain or other symptoms. For her last two meals I managed to get her to eat by adding in steak fat and juices the prior evening and eggs with french toast in the morning. Earlier in the afternoon she had jumped on to my bed and I had a great moment petting her soft fur. I didn't know it was a goodbye, but maybe that was for the best. Guinness's story, from my perspective, began with a near tragedy when her brother was injured by a car. She was still a street puppy less than half a year old but she began to chase people and bark at them until she could get attention for her brother. She had a powerful but surprisingly pleasant bark, not piercing or rough but almost melodious. Guinness and her brother were taken to a shelter and her brother received the medical attention he needed. Through petfinder and the Purrs n' Paws rescue program my family found her. When we went to pick her up she was the most timid dog I had ever met. As I tried to walk her out of the adoption event she splayed herself on the ground rather than approach the parking lot. I carried her into the car. She would take many years to overcome her fear of cars and I would occasionally still need to carry her even after she matured to a full 75lbs. Contrary to many dogs who feel fear Guinness never combined fear with aggression. She needed an artificial hip implant and her first few months at home were spent bonding closely with me as I helped her rehabilitate from the surgery, giving her physical therapy and carrying her around. She got along with most dogs and all people. She dug a great big hole in the yard, ran about a lot, and had a moderately successful hunting career for a suburban dog (one each of rabbit, groundhog, and of course a skunk). Two weeks ago she visited my sister's place where she was to stay while I went to Italy in the summer for an archaeology program. She enjoyed being around my sister's giant (~100lbs each) dogs and my four nieces and nephews. Guinness gave me the best laugh of the year so far when one of my sister's cats charged at her and she back-pedaled up the stairs totally startled. The acute sense of loss will take a while to process. I will always remember her as my pretty dog.
  5. Herrkurt


    Hah I think you mean one of the other Herrs, Herrlabe probably, but S! to you as well. I couldn't hit the broadside of an Antwerp apartment block with the rifle. I played SMG when infantry and tried to stay in armor, or on a ship whenever we operated on the coast.
  6. Herrkurt


    Well they are working on an Unreal 4 version called WWIIOL 2.0. They also said they are going for a hybrid of toe and garrison supply with every frontline town plus the next town behind having a supply pool. Whenever they finish it I may give it a look.
  7. Herrkurt

    How do you take/make your tea?

    I just can't handle too much caffeine anymore, gets my nerves up. A good decaf still tastes the same and I love the taste of tea, coffee not so much.
  8. Herrkurt

    How do you take/make your tea?

    I got a loose leaf pitcher that works the same way. I had to switch to decaf recently. I take black tea, no sugar or milk, sometimes iced. I used to drink 3 large dunkin ice teas every day but dunkin doesn't have decaf black tea so now I have to brew my own.
  9. Herrkurt

    Life is Feudal: MMO

    How are things going up north? Looks like a real madhouse up there.
  10. Herrkurt


    I may just give it a spin again at steam release.
  11. Herrkurt


    I liked playing with the big destroyers as a Kreigsmarine Admiral. Now I look foward to running a large multi-crew ship in Star Citizen. In the mean time I've been getting my real physics from a game kick by play Kerbal Space Program with Realism Overhaul and Real Scale Solar System. I'm getting close to logging 2k hours in that game (though I often leave it running).
  12. Herrkurt


    Once again. If I win the lotto some day I'm buying this studio and IP and throwing some AAA money into making a new version. And the design team will include the normal industry types plus us, the actual player base from back when they could get a few thousand on in a night. (And at times 50-100+ of those were us.)
  13. Herrkurt

    Salem Beta?

    Roanoke. I never played h&h but I am really liking this.
  14. Herrkurt

    DayZ: Anyone playing?

    Can officially say DayzHorror us the place to play.
  15. Herrkurt

    DayZ: Anyone playing?

    Cy^6.Co.UK private hive. Has a whitelist now.