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    Hah I think you mean one of the other Herrs, Herrlabe probably, but S! to you as well. I couldn't hit the broadside of an Antwerp apartment block with the rifle. I played SMG when infantry and tried to stay in armor, or on a ship whenever we operated on the coast.

    Well they are working on an Unreal 4 version called WWIIOL 2.0. They also said they are going for a hybrid of toe and garrison supply with every frontline town plus the next town behind having a supply pool. Whenever they finish it I may give it a look.
  3. How do you take/make your tea?

    I just can't handle too much caffeine anymore, gets my nerves up. A good decaf still tastes the same and I love the taste of tea, coffee not so much.
  4. How do you take/make your tea?

    I got a loose leaf pitcher that works the same way. I had to switch to decaf recently. I take black tea, no sugar or milk, sometimes iced. I used to drink 3 large dunkin ice teas every day but dunkin doesn't have decaf black tea so now I have to brew my own.
  5. Life is Feudal: MMO

    How are things going up north? Looks like a real madhouse up there.
  6. Greetings

    I may just give it a spin again at steam release.

    I liked playing with the big destroyers as a Kreigsmarine Admiral. Now I look foward to running a large multi-crew ship in Star Citizen. In the mean time I've been getting my real physics from a game kick by play Kerbal Space Program with Realism Overhaul and Real Scale Solar System. I'm getting close to logging 2k hours in that game (though I often leave it running).

    Once again. If I win the lotto some day I'm buying this studio and IP and throwing some AAA money into making a new version. And the design team will include the normal industry types plus us, the actual player base from back when they could get a few thousand on in a night. (And at times 50-100+ of those were us.)
  9. Salem Beta?

    Roanoke. I never played h&h but I am really liking this.
  10. DayZ: Anyone playing?

    Can officially say DayzHorror us the place to play.
  11. DayZ: Anyone playing?

    Cy^6.Co.UK private hive. Has a whitelist now.
  12. DayZ: Anyone playing?

    Playing Taviana now on the cy6 private hive.
  13. Yes, SG will be in Planetside Next

    Looks like I'll be ending my retirement from mmos next year.