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  1. VonBreur


    I ran into Herrlabe playing a panzer tank in Heroes & Generals. I promptly sapped him and sent him to Heaven. :D I later PM'd him in-game and he confirmed it was him from WWIIol SG. I never did see him playing H&G again. P.S. Heroes & Generals sucks now.... completely, and utterly, anti-Germany coded all the while adding more and more favoritism coding to its allied factions (U.S./Russia). Anyone play WWIIol recently? I only ask because I'm debating on whether or not to spend the cash on Post Scriptum.
  2. VonBreur


    Version 2.0? Huh? Are you all smoking crack nowadays? Wait... is crack even a drug nowadays? :/
  3. VonBreur

    McNuggets are serious business

    I'll soon "pay my dues" here and join you all for some PvP face melting. Then again... are there even any games worth PvP'ing in nowadays? WoW is bleh. World War II Blehline. PubG is even dulling my senses nowadays. Think I'm gonna don a rainbow MS suit and jump into Sea of Thieves when it launches just because I relish the thought of plundering and slaying noobs across the high seas. P.S. Your namesake isn't looking so good nowadays... despite his 20k/month "retirement stipend" thanks to the crooked, pedophile worshipping, Screen Actors Guild.
  4. VonBreur

    How do you take/make your tea?

    I mianly drink Fortnum & Mason teas (Queen Anne, Breakfast Blend, and Royal Blend). Sometimes, I drink Twining's English Breakfast if I'm on the road and don't want to fuss with loose leaf Fortnum & Mason. If anyone drinks green tea... you MUST try Yama Moto Yama green tea! Find it here: https://yamamotoyama.com/products/sencha-green-tea-bag-16ct P.S. No, I have no interest/stake in the Yama Moto Yama company. I'm just a customer of theirs and I rarely see their green tea in any green tea ratings. I honestly think western world media snubs Japanese tea companies (for whatever reason). If you eat at good sushi places, you'll sometimes find a sushi place which carries Yama Moto Yama green tea. Try it out. Well worth it! You'll see!
  5. VonBreur

    McNuggets are serious business

    Shhhhhhhhh... don't tell Orenthal James Simpson... he may start eating both the fries and the nugs then croak early on us. :D
  6. VonBreur

    McNuggets are serious business

    You all heard the latest about "McNuggets"... right? McNuggets cure BALDNESS! OJ, better start eating buckets of MCNUGGETS!!!! :D
  7. http://postscriptumgame.com/ Figured I'd link this here in the event anyone in these "parts" still finds enjoyment in playing World War II era games. Post-Sciptum is not out yet and probably won't be for some time but it looks darn good thus far and seems to have more interesting game concepts than even some of the present day WWII era games (and never to be released versions such as Traction Wars). Happy hunting.
  8. VonBreur


    I was bored and visited the old WWIIol MMORG forum (it was removed at the request of the CRS group of old in 2013) only to read so much truth. It was no wonder the old Rats had that website purveyor remove their WWIIol game from the game list there. Truth hurts. If they ever do remove AO's/BDE's AND return their battlefront to an open warfare style as we all remember it first being... then I will return to playing WWIIol as it was fun as Hell back then and SG was unstoppable. Remember those 100+ tank armor columns we used to run cross country with Deadlock and everyone else? Those days took a lot of supply stockpiling and players dedicated themselves to getting that done throughout the day leading up to the operation. As far as I can tell... WWIIol still can't field anywhere the amount of players it did during its first few years of existance (at least prior to the implementation of AOs/BDEs/town supply removal). I find it poetic justice that, basically, WWIIol players replaced the bombastic rats Killer and Doc. Those two knew how to drive a great game concept straight into the ground. Are the German Flak 36's still tossing lemons across the WWIIol battlefield? Remember when they were first introduced to game... and properly coded... they would wreck Allied armor columns from afar. Allies whined so much... Flak 36 rounds were nerfed and nose dived into the ground like flying lemons after traversing but a relatively short range. It was the Allied whiners, and appeasement from the dead rats, which drove WWIIol into the ground. Although, to be somewhat fair, every World War II era game seems to suffer the same fate... as hardcore PvP'rs routinely choose to play Germany and thus Germany usually ends up nerfed in all WWII era games.
  9. VonBreur


    I read CRS isn't removing ToE/BdE coding afterall... truth? Seriously... how is CRS still in business? Anyone play Unknown Player's Battlegrounds? I'm looking for teammates...
  10. VonBreur

    2017 Top Grossing Games

    Where is World War II Online in that chart? ;D
  11. What the Hell is a "Warzone Officer"?

    LOL! What is UP with YOU these days OJ... the killer of white women!!!


  12. VonBreur


    Ya, but sadly Traction Wars is taking FOREVER to reach release. Sort of reminds me of that OTHER game we all played back in the day... only in reverse... as that OTHER game won't die!!!
  13. VonBreur


    Good to see some of you guys are still around gaming let alone alive. :D No one knows what happened to CV? Man, that guy used to crack me up in voice comms both in WWII and in World of Warcraft. Where ever you may be CV... I hope you're as "cheerful" as you were years ago. Then again... some experiences are better left as memories. ;) Hopefully, I'll retire in four years and have more time to game.
  14. VonBreur


    GrisGris! Longtime no see! Is Spoon still around here? Are there still many ex-WWIIol SG'rs around here? Anyone know Kadabra? He used to play World of Warcraft with SG I believe (on Bleeding Hollow or whatnot). I sent Kadabra an email about two years ago but he never responded. If anyone knows him please send him a "Greetings... from Rayth". He'll know who you're referring to. :D If there is anyone playing Heroes & Generals here... be advised... RETO is revamping their armor game there so as to be more historically correct. I started a movement in their forum several months ago and RETO took note. Per RETO, they have assigned one of their developers/coders to revamp their armor game (thank Heavens!). As for H&G, I play perhaps once or twice a week now... as I'm more inclined to wait for their armor game revamp before returning to it fulltime. When I play... I'm dedicated Axis. As for how I'm doing... man o' man... I have hundreds of good stories to tell but most are too long to type out. I met with an NHL star a couple weeks ago while boating on Lake Okanagan (British Columbia). He was hospitable and entertaining. Why is it NHL stars are much better behaved than "professionals" in MLB, NFL, soccer, or NBA? I know why... do you?
  15. VonBreur


    Stewarta! Man! I remember those WWIIol SG operations day where you and your Stuka pilots would have the bomb run timed PERFECTLY on the AB entrance! Lord! That was fun! P.S. OJ what is up man! Miss you and the boys (Robochgo, Scanda, JafoRC, Ronniek, CV, Poboy, so on and so forth). As for resubbing here... probably not gonna happen anytime soon. I don't think anyone here plays H&G nor Witcher 3... do they? :D