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  1. HidingPeachz

    Second week of the Steam Summer Sale!

    Dont know why... but I had a really big addiction to Kingdoms for a few days. got it and played non-stop. the game is in alpha and so simple. just found myself going... hmm if i just chop a few more trees i can build this... if i just get enough more xp i can make my own armor.. if i just.... zzzzz falls asleep on keyboard.
  2. This game actually looks interesting. Lo and behold my old friends in SG are playing it too. So is there anything I should know before I sub to the game? Are one of the ship choices really awful? Are there different places to start and where should I choose? THat sort of thing
  3. HidingPeachz

    Looking to try Planetside 2

    I used to play the first Planetside with ya'll before they gave us the mechwarriors. Plan to try this out and wonder if anyone I hotdropped with is still around.
  4. HidingPeachz

    Active in LOTRO?

    I was playing for awhile on the same server you have claimed. I have yet to see anyone with an SG tag on yet. Wondering if maybe you all are in the high-end of the game somewhere.